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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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One Lockdown Benefit – StudyFinds

Good! A large percentage of folks are planning to use their forced vacations and house arrests as a time for self-improvement. There are 1,001 things we can do with the extra time. General prepping and toilet paper accumulation come to mind. But, there’s also physical training, arms training, gear maintenance, bug out scouting, reading and more. One little bit of advice: use this time to permanently dispense with the satanic stupidity that is modern television and the movies. Here’ one reason why:

Hellywood is Pure Evil – Daily Beast

There’s a new movie out, as there almost always is. I haven’t seen one in years so I really do not care. But, this particular flick caught my eye. Read the short article about it, with a jaded eye, but try not to watch it (or anything like it). Our enemies in the culture wars never stop trying to wreck our souls and our nation. The “zany” plot here seems to revolve around making Christians look foolish – using sexy satanists as the tool and MO. How original, Hellywood! Let’s all have a laugh at that silly, old satanic panic… DB has their angle as I’m sure the producers and the reviewers do also. Here’s my take: this is a carefully planned and executed distraction, meant to divert critical attention off of real-world developments.

What They’re Desperate to Cover Up – The FBI

Why does “satanic panic” sound familiar? Those of you over forty may remember the phrase from the 1980s, when several high-profile cases came to light. The most prominent involved numerous children at a daycare who alleged all manner of ritual satanic child abuse, complete with ceremonies held in tunnels under the school. After a “thorough” investigation, the charges were dropped and it was suggested that the children lied. There was no panic, “they” said. For thirty years, the reason and logic brigade of atheists and other loathsome liars held this episode over the heads of the Faithful as a rebuttal to our alleged folly and concern over nothing.

Then, just last fall, the FBI released a massive dossier on the case – click the link! Well, it turns out that every damn thing the kids said was true – right down to the tunnels, which had been mapped, photographed, and then written off. Why? Likely because many of the investigators were in on the crimes. Let this be a stern lesson, especially in dark times of rising demonic activity when, as it just so happens by pure coincidence, the churches are all closed.

Another Christian Refuses to Bow – Reuters

Well, not all of them. In addition to the rebel criminal pastor in Florida (God bless him!), there’s this guy in Louisiana. Again, no-one is being forced to come and worship. The force is on the other side via more arrests threats in plain defiance of the First Amendment. I only hope and pray that the government doesn’t go full Waco on him and his followers. Which side are you on?

There are Other Illnesses Too – MSN

Sometimes people get sick. Sometimes they break things. They need medical care. So, what happens when that happens during a time when all doctors and facilities are allegedly needed for a pandemic? In short: rationing. This is another reason to stay as healthy as possible. And, it is my growing suspicion that many who report with a cold or flu or other respiratory ailment, may well be counted as COVID cases, confirmed on not. If you can, try to avoid any and all of that mess.

Affair of the Heart … and COVID – Kaiser Health

They keep adding symptoms and conditions to the pandemic. It’s becoming suspicious. But, one of the new things to watch for is heart damage. The virus, like many others, could and probably does cause some damage to the cardiovascular system. But again, I’m betting that they are hedging but lumping these incidents in with the general data. Why let it go to waste? And, we already knew that the COVID bug was much worse for people with pre-existing problems, such as those of the heart. Stay. Healthy.

Legacy Food Storage

A British Doctor on Death by Cure – RT

The Brits are dumping $350 Billion into their economy. The US just printed $2 Trillion out of thin air. It’s all supposed to be related to the pandemic. But, what if, as the Orange Man tweeted, the cure is worse than the disease? This doctor, in the know, has medical and economic concerns. Do we need to cure everyone so they can live unemployed and impoverished to the point of starvation?! I think we’re about to find out.

Can We Really Still Call It ‘America?’ – LA Times

I say “no.” Not any more. It’s too far gone. I hope I’m wrong. But, the only constant we can expect is … more changes. Every crisis, real or imagined, always seems to come with a host of developments which alter our lives and lifestyles. This will be no different. Check that – it’s already happened. This time last year, we had jobs, stores, restaurants, churches, sports, and sanity. Now, we fight for toilet paper and shelter in prison (at home). What’s next? Again, we’re about to find out. By the way, how do you like knowing that whatever it is that you do, is deemed non-essential? Feel worthy???

Perrin Lovett

A Model of Universal Basic Welfare, er, Income – Bloomberg

One of those changes – one they have oddly floated for a few years now (funny how that works out, huh?) – is universal basic income. We kind of have that via the insane spendthrift bailout bill. But, look at Spain for what may be a more in-depth exploration. Will they pay everyone because there are no jobs? Or, will there be no jobs because they pay everyone? And, who will pay for this, either way? Interesting times…

Splendid Little War in Venezuela? – Miami Herald

Maybe violent times too. Nesting deep within the basement of the Pentagon, live a strange murder of little men obsessed with war for war’s sake. Any war will do, though I suppose, a closer war might be a little easier to sell the sheep. So, they’re looking at – they’ve been looking at – action in Venezuela. Russia checked their plans a year or so back. But, like the gun-grabbers and the satanists, they never give up. (It’s like they’re all related or something…) Will we have military action in South America? I’d ask “why,” but the reasons no longer matter. Threat, shmet. They have money to waste and lives to take. I’m already opposed to this war and any others they gin up.

Prepper Checklist and More – Skilled Survival

It might not make you draft-proof or open your closed churches, but do consult this set of excellent recommendations and reminders about how and why we prep. It’s more than a list of things to take care of – it’s also a set of valid reasons why. Pretend you’re a pilot about to take off in the bug out jet. Use this for your runup.

Mosquitoes and Unintended Consequences – MSN

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who liked mosquitoes. They have no admirers outside of the guy who sells Off! But, like all other creatures, I assume they have their purpose for being in the world. It’s harder to guess what legitimate reasons might justify the existence of Google or any other giant spy-tech organization. Forget computers and location tracking (if you can); now, the company that forgot its motto, “Don’t be evil,” is out to eradicate mosquitoes. It’s strange to trust a blood-thirsty, disease-vectoring, picnic-ruining insect more than a software outfit. Yet, if they succeed in this effort, we just might find out – too late – that our little itchy friends may have been a bigger help than we knew. “Hey! Who knew mosquitoes powered the sun?
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Dark, then. Oh, well. Don’t be evil!

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