The Price of Free Medicine: Alfie Evans RIP

The Price of Free Medicine: Alfie Evans RIP


Thanks to massive, century-long government meddling and associated corporate gangsterism, the price of medical care in America has skyrocketed. For many, even with the lies of ObamaCare, it’s really out of reach. Just one incident can lead to bankruptcy.


And the meddling, especially from BHO, was semi-geared towards on end: socialized medicine in the US. They essentially killed the free market with one program after another. In the end they’ll blame the deceased market for the problems and the costs. They’ll offer a “good” and “free” alternative. The people will fall for it. Will, not may. It’s only a matter of time.


Somewhere deep inside most people know nothing is really free; they just can’t resist the lies. And one of the lines of lying the leftists are fond of is touting the effectiveness and efficiency of the British National Health Service or NHS. They harp on the free part, free for everyone with no risk of bankruptcy or fumbling, struggling to keep insurance or make copayments.


They leave off the necessary higher taxes. And the lowered level of care. Forgotten are the shortages of professionals. Overlooking the lack of options. Never mind the ridiculous waiting times. Or the incompetence. There’s the lack of legal redress when something goes wrong. Please forget the loss of control. Kindly overlook the loss of freedom. And the dead children…


Alfie Evans


Fox News and Bradford Betz covered what can easily happen when you entrust your child to a government doctor. You’ve likely heard the story of little Alfie Evans. He’s dead now, partially thanks to NHS doctors and British judges.


Picture by Quartz.


Alfie was diagnosed with a very rare brain condition not long after he was born. His NHS doctor said the condition was incurable and terminal. The Evans family demanded and fought for a second opinion. Other doctors, outside the NHS system, had some hope about treatment. Under ordinary circumstances, parents might choose to try such alternatives. However, under the socialist system in Britain, they had no choice.


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They’re decision was taken from them. Alfie’s fate was decided by a judge, not by his parents nor any physician of their choosing. The system and the courts decided to halt all treatment and just let Alfie die. He did, just the other day, but not before stubbornly hanging on for many months – in defiance of the NHS and the judge.


“Under British law, courts often intervene when parents and doctors disagree over the treatment of a child, who’s rights often take precedent over the parent’s right to decide what’s best.”



Even a plea from Pope Francis didn’t help. Or an offer of Italian citizenship and free alternative life care.


The government judge agrees with the government doctor and a child dies.


Joe Herring expounded on the tragedy at American Thinker:


Alfie Evans: Another Child Sacrifice on Britain’s NHS Altar


His personal take is a must read for understanding government’s mindless violence:

“The medical treatment Alfie has received is abominable, as a direct result of the hospital’s decision, and subsequent criminal obstinacy toward anyone suggesting that their prognosis might be in error.

To hear the barristers for Alder Hey wax poetic about the “first class care” given Alfie by the NHS (parroted by judge after judge in court proceedings) is indeed revolting – the British equivalent of Baghdad Bob.  In truth, they have made no attempt to diagnose Alfie’s condition, preferring instead to place him on heavily sedating anti-seizure medications, then claiming that his lethargy is further evidence of his irreversible decline.

The world is witness to slow-motion murder.  The perpetrators are the NHS, and the motive is not pecuniary, but rather a perverse form of institutional vanity.

Italy has conferred citizenship to Alfie, and there is a medical air ambulance standing by at the request of the pope to fly Alfie to the Vatican’s children’s hospital, Bambino Gesù, where Alfie can be treated.

But while socialism requires citizen confidence to operate, it will settle for coercion to gain compliance.  This is why Alder Hey refuses to release #Alfie. Should the boy survive outside NHS care, their “infallibility” would be shattered, and (gasp!) the sheep may begin to question their shepherd.

Collectivist schemes of medicine are no more sustainable (or just!) than collectivist schemes of societal order.  Both require submission, even unto death.”


A Lesson to Learn


There is here, as usual in many or most terrible cases, something preppers, Americans, and freedom lovers can learn. Truth from a dark episode, a warning. This is what big, centralized, “free for everyone” care looks like. In fact, it’s only the beginning – there are other stories from different countries every bit as shocking. This is a lesson to take to heart. A lesson to beat back those lies, deceptions, and conveniently overlook facts.


The Highest Price


It is entirely possible Alfie would have died anyway, with or without alternative, outside treatment. All of us have our time. But, in his case, that’s not the point. The point is that he and his family were deprived the ability to decide what’s best, what’s most hopeful, what’s most humane. Because, free socialized medicine. That’s a damned high price for free.

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