The Red Robot Menace of Communism

What do killer robots and communist killers historically have in common? The killing thing. One takes your job and then “terminates” you, the other crushes the spirit, and the economy, and then ships people off to “camp.” Now, the two killers may be combining. This story arose in the UK, but don’t look for containment there.

Robots and AI are here. They’re doing just about everything. In a few years they will seriously start to displace human workers in all sorts of jobs. People will be unemployed and potentially destitute like never before. Hopeless, they will turn to government for food, money, and livelihoods. Communism, one form or another, will be the ready solution. One bad situation will beget another. The people will demand this. Look for confirmation in 5-10. Prepare for the bots and for the boots. Now.




Picture by Daily Mail/Getty.

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