The S Has H the F: Venezuela Refugee Crisis in Colombia

The S Has H the F: Venezuela Refugee Crisis in Colombia


And, now, a little more on in my continuing expose on the disaster of postmodern Venezuela. Again, folks, this situation, as terrible as it is, is also a great learning tool for those who will study it. All American preppers should.


Today’s video examines the flow of refugee migrants out of the failed/failing Bolivarian state and into neighboring Colombia. We in the US have something similar going on. This exodus FP has covered previously, though not like this. I think ours was a look at medical refugees. Here’s a Euro perspective in the total flow and related issues:


Video by Euronews/YouTube.



Moving pictures sometimes help convey the message when words run out of power. But do listen to what is said about the “economy in freefall” and the rest. Look and hear what the people experience. Now the crisis affects two peoples – Venezuelans and Colombians.


As always, this is a tool if we can use it. These countries are not so far removed, geographically, from America. Nor is our socio-econo-political circumstance. I could happen here. Prepare.


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