The Search for the Perfect Pocket Pistol

The Search for the Perfect Pocket Pistol


It’s over! Here follow not one, not two, but seven! Choices for smaller and convenient EDC.


The “pocket” pistol is just that – a gun that fits very well into a pocket, any pocket. These are the little guns for concealed carry. The barrel is typical less three and a half inches long and the guns are light. They usually pack 7+1 heat.


The following list was compiled by Eva Flanigan for Please read that original article.


These little beauties come in a variety of calibers. All are affordable. And they will all serve you well, either as a backup or as your mainstay gun of choice. Have a look.


  1. Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380


Eva Flanigan/


.380 ACP
2.75 inch barrel

12.5 ounces unloaded weight

6+1 capacity

Legacy Food Storage

About $250

2. Ruger LCR

.22LR, 22WMR, .327, 9mm Luger, .38 with +P rating, and .357 (that’s a heck of a lineup)

A revolver

2 inch barrel

13.5 to 17 ounce unloaded weight


3. Glock 42


13.6 ounces unloaded

3.25-inch barrel


4. Beretta Nano



5 inch total size

20 ounces



5. Smith & Wesson Airweight

.38 Special


6 inch total length

$600 new


6.Ruger LCP II


Eva Flanigan/


2.5-inch barrel

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11 ounces!

Around $300

Also, consider the slightly heftier LC9 in .9mm!

7. Kahr CT380

.380 ACP

7+1 capacity

High $200s


These are all great choices from trusted manufacturers. Consider adding one (maybe two) to your EDC.


As with any class of gun, there are many other great alternatives available as well. Look around and you can literally find anything your heart desires. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve – keep it in your pocket!

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