These 10 Survival Items Last and Last

These 10 Survival Items Last and Last

Okay, nothing lasts forever, in prepping or anything else. But, these ten items might as well; it’s possible they will outlive the user. Many, many thanks to Canadian Prepper of YouTube fame for putting together the following informative video list of gear to get!

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Here’s a look at the TOP TEN items they say you will never regret purchasing. They have many purposes and are designed to last for the long-haul. These are staples. Gadgets have their place, sometimes. But, try to avoid “tacky” products custom-made for the new masses itching to join the prepping game.

One. Paracord!

Not just any – this pack is from Titan. This is Mil-Spec for a bargain. It’s rated to 1,000 pounds of duty, and if you split the cord, you’ll find multiple individual treads for various purposes. Use what’s inside for fishing, patching, starting fires (yes), and more.

It’s only $35 per package. You can order it, like most mentioned items, from the links in the description below the video. Act now, as supplies of this one (and the others) may not last.

Two. Mighty Leatherman Multi-tool!

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the versatility enclosed in this little package. Open a can. Cut a can. Cut a tree or some rope. Tighten screws. Snip this and that. Pliers. Blades. You name it, it’s in there. 

This one is nice, very nice. It’s so upgraded that it comes with a magnetic lock. It’s built to last forever. And it’s only about $130. You can spend considerably less – and get a tool that is almost as good, for now. Spend considerably less several times over the years, and the price of the high-end is justified.

Three. Folding Stove!

This one is aptly named Firebox. It’s small – five by seven and one-half inches and light (2 pounds). But it is tough enough for any fiery job. Buy it now and keep it, use it forever. 

It’s only $60. She’s built by an engineer who understands backwoods survival. One-piece construction means it sets up easily and instantly. The fuel is free – just pick it up off the forest floor. And pick up the stove today for cooking and heating tomorrow.

Four. SAS Tactical Survival Bow

200 feet per second, for only $200 dollars. It takes a moment to break out and rig up, but once it’s ready, it’s ready. It’s perfect for taking a medium-sized game animal like a deer. That means it is also ideal for a quiet deterrent against two-legged predators. 

Composite and aluminum materials last and deliver a performance comparable to dedicated, full-size recurve bows. CP has other, full videos on this gem.

Speaking of videos, here is today’s issue:

Canadian Prepper/YouTube

Five. Fuel Can!

A military-grade can from Scepter. It’s $50 dollars, but it is safe, light, and made to last. Find these in use by the American and Canadian armed forces, or by better preppers. 

20 liters is a hair over five standard gallons – like the generic can from Wally-World but better. Any weather. Any conditions. Any treatment. Order two!

Six. “Security” Blanket

Who knew Linus from the Peanuts gang was a prepper? This is a simple wool job, perfect for warming up or bedding down. Keep it simple, and cheap; this one is only $40. 

It replaces a sleeping bag. It’s naturally fire-resistant. It works even when wet. It fights mildew. And, like everything on the list, it’s durable. Find many uses besides sleeping in, on, or under. Order one for every member of the crew.

Legacy Food Storage

Seven. Steel Canteen!

There are other brands, but this one is from Nalgene; god enough for CP, good enough for us. It’s only $30 and keeps things cold, hot, or just liquid. Use it directly in the fire, or with your folding stove!

It’s steel, which should outlive you, regardless of how you treat it. But, if needed, the Nalgene model comes with a lifetime warranty – either way, you’re covered forever.

Eight. ALICE Pack!

A.L.I.C.E. isn’t just a name, it’s an acronym. Learn it. You’ll get simple reliability, easy carrying of all the essentials on the trail, for around $80. External frames serve several purposes. It’s easy, lightweight, and it will last.

You can find fancier, much more expensive packs. But, why? Get one now.

Nine … 

Here, my old trick of making you watch the video. Sorry, but it’s just two more items. Here’s a hint or two:

Nine is an age-old concept, a tool, for, uh, cutting to the heart of the matter – whatever the matter is. Chop, chop, now.

Ten is something you’ll really dig. Or, it could be something you’ll really dig with. No, it’s not a backhoe. Would that fit in the ALICE pack? No. Watch, get inspired and order today.

That was great! Watch again and take notes. Again, these are basics. You may already have them covered. But, if something needs replacing, or if you need a backup, then now you know what’s best, how much it costs, and how to get it. Get on that, today, and before the you-know-what hits the thing-that-spins. And,

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