Think of the Children, and SHTF on Their Own

Think of the Children, and SHTF on Their Own


This is a terrifying thought. It’s bad enough to ever lose contact with small children. And, we’ve probably all had that experience at least once. At the mall or somewhere you turn and when you’re back, the kids are gone. Panic hits immediately. The mind conjures images of child molesters and kidnappers. The youngins, of course, reappear instantly to your relief.


But what if this really happened? Worse, what if it happened permanently or semi-permanently and you weren’t around? How would younger children make it, post-SHTF, on their own? Could they?


These are not pleasant thoughts but they should be considered and planned against. MD Creekmore and the Survivalist Blog ran a story on what the just that horrible quandary. Please read and think about it seriously. A preview:


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Creekmore notes that while this issue is a nightmare for American parents, it is a real world scenario, everyday, in the third world. These children, already left alone, are often subjected to much worse – abuse, prostitution, etc.


There is a chance to learn from these circumstances so as to ward off potential similar effects which could befall our own children.


If there is a disaster and you are lost or killed, how would your kids survive?


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For small and young children, there really isn’t much hope, barring benevolence from outsiders or the extended community. Older teens and young adults could conceivably fare well enough alone. It’s the ones in between we should focus on, teaching them (if possible) how to survive without us.


And, our kids are in a different, indoor, electronic world, than the one we grew up in.

“Most kids today have few survival skills or an interest in such things, most kids are more interested in playing video games or when the latest teen celebrity is getting released from rehab.

If you can get them interested and motivated you have already won over half the battle.

How you do this will depend on the child, but most will respond best if you make it a game, in other words, do your best to make it fun. Don’t go screaming at them that the world is going to end, or that you could die leaving them orphaned and on their own. This is especially true when dealing with younger children.”



Making survival education fun for your children should be a key focus of your prepping plan. You should do it without alarming the young about the ultimate goal – self-sufficiency. It should be done so that, in the event they are on their own, they revert to default survival mode. They should, in theory, just “do it” even as they are highly upset about you.


And they will be upset. Any person, of any age, will react somewhat negatively to a disaster. But the planning and the training make all the difference in getting past that and surviving.


Read all of his tips, thoughts, and recommendations for prepping your children to prep for themselves.


This is possibly the least pleasant thing any parent could ever consider. But it is better considered than left to chance or the elements. And it all starts with you. They’re depending on you. Don’t let them down.


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