This Chevrolet Christmas Commercial is Exactly What America Needs this Christmas.

Chevrolet Christmas Commercial
Chevrolet Christmas Commercial

I know what you’re thinking. Why is a prepper site writing about a Chevrolet Christmas commercial? Yea, I thought that too as I started writing this out, but watching the commercial and thinking about the state of this country, the world really, you know we can all use a little “feel good” story from time to time.

Rarely do big companies come out with something worth sharing.
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It’s usually all sales and fluff, and no story behind it. A few years ago Budweiser got it right and this year Chevy did it right.
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This commercial has racked up over half a million views so far, and continues to bring them in, along with some tears to some of the viewer’s eyes.

It’s titled Holiday Ride, and opens with an older man from rural America, taking down an old weathered wreath and replacing it with a fresh cut, more robust one. He puts it up on an old set of barn doors.

As he opens the barn, you see his late wife’s 1966 Chevrolet Impala, sitting idle, covered with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs.

I’m gonna leave you with that, and let you watch the story unfold, it really is a good one, great job on Chevy’s part this year.

If you enjoyed this year’s Chevrolet Christmas commercial, be sure to share it with your family and friends, I think this time of year, especially this year, the way things are going, we can all use a little feel good story in our lives.

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