This Emergency Winter Shelter May Save You From The Elements: Fight Cold With Cold

This Emergency Winter Shelter May Save You From The Elements: Fight Cold With Cold

Winter is only one season away. For some of us, that may mean one, two, or even a rare three snowflakes (not the SJW kind). For others, it will mean copious snow, ice, and even blizzards. If you’ve ever been caught in a blizzard, and I have, then you know it can be inconvenient at best and deadly at worst. But, even if you’re out in the elements, miles from home and safety, you can survive the storm. And you can do it easily by using the very same frozen precipitation that originally caused the threatening conditions!

The good Norwegian Bushcraft channel on YouTube has created a quick, easy how-to video about building an emergency winter shelter, fast. Few places have winter snow like Norway – they know what they’re doing, how important it is, and how dangerous it is to be unprepared. 

All pictures, screen-captured from Norwegian Bushcraft/Youtube.

It’s called a snow trench shelter (or a snow cave shelter) – a shelter in and of the snow. Snow, like this:

There’s not a lot of talking in this video, not that much is needed. Literally anyone could fashion one of these snow holes.

Start by digging out the trench/cave cavity. You’ll need your survival shovel or another digging tool. Hands (gloved) will work in a pinch.

You Dig?

Once the hole is sufficiently deep and long enough, use the shovel to pile the excavated snow up along the edges, creating walls. Snow, even though it’s frozen, is a great insulator. It may be cold itself, but it can seal you off from the air outside, which can be much colder. 

Inside, as you’ll see at the end, you and your sleeping bag and/or coat, with or without additional heat, create the internal warmth.

Inside, add evergreen cuttings for insulation, separation from the cold snow beneath, and for a little cushioned comfort. A little. 

Next, use your skis, sticks, or whatever is at hand to make rafters, from snow wall to wall. Upon these, add a layer of more evergreen twigs and boughs.

Additional snow will accumulate on this makeshift roof, adding further insulation. Essentially, you are creating a cave or an igloo.

You crawl in once you’re finished – and this can all be accomplished, as promised, in around 15 minutes – to relative safety. Use your pack to block the opening and you’re all set for the evening. 

Snug as a Bug in a … Snow Cave!

The Hilton it is not. However, it certainly beats staying completely in the open and risking becoming a statistic collected days or months later by a ranger or hunter. Poor guy, frozen solid!

The “spacious” view inside:

Now, thank you for reading along, it’s time to,


Norwegian Bushcraft/YouTube.

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Many thanks for this great, potentially lifesaving information. A summary: it’s: dig, line, cover, crawl. Take notes if need be. And,

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