This Insane Axe Cuts Wood Like Warm Butter

There might be a lot of debate out there on the best way to split wood, and that debate will continue once you see this axe in action.

This axe is the safest, most efficient, most effective splitting tool I’ve ever seen for processing wood. It took a bit to figure out the technique, but once I sorted that out the wood was just exploding on impact. Thankfully I also adopted the tire surround approach shown in the youtube videos so I didn’t have to chase the pieces all over the place.

While I’ve heard from others that they can achieve similar results with an axe, I am convinced that this tool is dramatically safer than either an axe or maul. The Leveraxe does not go through the material and is light enough that I was able to split for several hours at a time without significant exhaustion.

After using this axe for awhile, you might actually start to look forward to splitting wood…ok…maybe not, but at least it makes it a little more bearable.

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