This October: Freedom Prepper Prepares for Winter and …War?

This October: Winter and (Civil) War

UPDATE: I had to update this announcement before it even ran. Everything below is still happening; however, given the circumstances, we’re going to rush in some articles and videos on riot survival, civil unrest management, and even some civil war scenarios first. We’ll likely get this cranking a little later this week, maybe even before October 1st. It’ll be a riot…

And, now…

Yes, as crazy as it is, as crazy as this year has been already, we’re at the edge of fall with winter steadily, stealthily closing in on us.

And Freedom Prepper is here for you! Much of October will be dedicated to preparing for the worst weather that winter can throw at us.

OCTOBER is Winter Prep Month!

We’ve already hinted around at the coming season and theme with this recent post:

This Emergency Winter Shelter May Save You From The Elements: Fight Cold With Cold

Watch the Video Again (15 minutes that could save your life):

Like I said the other week, the Hilton, it is not. But this is about surviving the winter: no reservations required; no hesitations allowed. Stay tuned for more …

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