Tie The Knot: CORDAGE

Tie The Knot: CORDAGE

Prepper friends, we love you! Maybe not like that … unless you look like (or are) Gal Gadot.* But, no … this little segment isn’t even about knots. It’s about the things one ties knots in. Cordage. This simple, critical, yet sometimes overlooked item of preparedness is a must for all of us. 

Today, we’re all in luck!

In just a few minutes you’ll be ready to tie up all the loose ends, or the captured home invader, all with a readily available super item sold just about everywhere.

(Most pics captured from Art of Prepper video).

The good folks at The Art of Prepping made the shortest, highest-impact prepping videos, perhaps ever. The quick, all-inclusive guide to paracord, twin, rope, and more. We’ll get to that in just a second. First, a quick review:

Kinds of Cordage

Cords come in many different kinds. 

Paracord (Parachute cord) gets all the prepper hype and press. But it’s accompanied by others, like:

Bank cord;


U-name-it ropes;

Fishing lines;

Twine and strings;

Towing straps;

Mason’s line (with or w/o chalk); and,

Many, many others. (Use your imagination).

Cordage Uses

Yes, let’s get this out of the way: strong cordage is a great way to solve political problems though one will also need a tree or lamppost. But, there’s more to do with the line ‘o twine, like:

Legacy Food Storage




Slinging weapons;

Tying down (or up) a tarp;

Emergency shoe lacing;

Central bankster elimination;

Fire starting (yes!);

Keeping your stuff above the bears;

Marking trails and more;

Lanyard for a knife;

(Pic by Perrin Lovett).

Annoying Crossfit activities;

Suspending a bull for usage later on;

Rigging a shelter;

Rigging a sail;

Rigging an election;

A spare belt;

Tethering the ponies; and,

You get the idea!


As they say (in general and in the video), “cordage is a must for the survival kit.” Don’t need it and not have it. Find some, usually dirt cheap, darned-near anywhere – home store, dollar store, grocery store, hardware store, sports store, etc. Keep some in the B.O.B. and all vehicles. Keep it handy in the shop, around the house, in the shelter, on the road, in the boat, and on the trails. Have it and the need will present itself.

Don’t forget something to cut the cord with. Bladeliness is next to cordedness and so forth…

Again, this splendid reminder was brought to you by The Art of Prepping.


Art of Prepping/YT.

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Now, that about ties this one up…

*If you are, in fact, Gal Gadot, please contact Mr. Buddy, Jr. at your sweet, beautiful convenience in order to schedule an interview with Perrin Lovett.

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