Top 10 Waterproof Survival Tents

Selecting a waterproof survival tent is a tough decision. It will depend on answers to questions like where you camp, how you camp, and in which season you camp. You should select a shelter that provides all the features you want such as space, vestibule, storage space, etc. The tent should also keep you protected, comfortable, and dry.

There are several types of camping tents out there. Here’s a brief look at some popular types of tents you’ll find in the market:

  1. Tarp Tents- This is a single-walled tent with a built-in floor and bug netting. They have half the weight of double-walled tents and easier to set up. Tarp tents provide full weather protection. However, they can accumulate some moisture inside the tent, and are least adaptive.
  2. Double Walled Tents- These tents have three components: an inner tent with a waterproof floor and a regular roof, an outer waterproof tent or a rainfly, and a set of poles. There are three versions: tunnel tents, free-standing, and self-supporting tents.
  3. Dome- This survival tent design provides a lot of headroom. The shape encourage better waterproofing. When it rains, the water sheds off easily.
  4. Ultralight Shelters- These are shelters without flexible poles such as A-frame, dome, and pyramid tarp, etc.
  5. 4-Season Tents- These are sturdy tents that can weather any storm, or weather condition. You will be protected from rain, snow, and wind quite well.
  6. Pyramid Tarp- Sometimes referred to as Mids, these are the strongest and most weather-resistant tents. They can be pitched with two poles or one. The steep walls of a pyramid tent easily sheds of rain, snow, and wind. It’s enclosed from all around so it keeps you safe and warm from all the elements.

If you’re planning your next family camping or bug-out adventure, consider the following top waterproof tents in the market:

waterproof tent

1. MSR HubbaHubba NX Two Person Tent

This is top quality, two-person, ultralight weight tent. There’s enough space for two people. There are two large vestibules and side entries for each camper. This provides sufficient space to store all sorts of gear. In case of rain, there are two large ‘Stay Dry’ doors and built-in rain gutters that will keep you dry. Other awesome features in this tent include:

  • – an adaptable and cross-ventilating rainfly with a roll-up vestibule
  • – additional star gazer view that enables you to look up towards the night sky
  • – a compact compression stuff sack that expedites strategic and efficient packing

This survival tent has powerful features that will keep you dry, safe, and warm while helping you get the best experience from the great outdoors.

waterproof survival tent

2. Alps Mountaineering Extreme Two Person Tent

This is a high-quality tent with a free-standing, 3-pole design and robust 7000 series aluminum poles. The Alps Mountaineering Extreme is easy to put together because it has pole clips that can be easily and quickly snapped onto the tent poles. A 75D 185T rainfly provides efficient protection against UV damage. The factory-sealed rainfly and floor will offer maximum protection from all the elements including the rain and snow. For additional comfort, the Alps Extreme is equipped with two doors. This enables easy entry, exit, and lots of ventilation. There are two spacious vestibules for additional gear storage and weather protection. This tent is your partner in professional expeditions and will endure for many years. Spacious and light, the Alps Extreme can be easily transported on foot or by transport.

two person survival tent

3. Nemo Galaxi Two Person Tent

This survival tent boasts an attract design. There are two doors with two spacious vestibules that offer ample room for gear and footwear storage. In addition, the vestibules will keep your gear dry and provide protected entry. You have the option of tying back one or both doors for ventilation. They have magnetic MagTieTm tie-backs. This feature enables you to smoothly and easily roll back each door. For an easy and quick set up, the Nemo Galaxi has one hubbled pole set. Overall, this is a durable, sturdy, and well-designed tent, capable of toughing out any weather condition and adventure.

4. Marmot Limelight Two Person Tent

The Marmot Limelight is your partner in a storm. This is a spacious, lightweight, two person, backpacker survival tent. It offers up to 32 sq. ft. of interior space and 9 sq. ft. in the vestibule. Its roomy interiors make a warm and comfortable environment for two people. There’s also ample room to store your footwear and gear in the vestibule.

To set up the Marmot, there are color-coded webbing and DAC poles which are sturdy and lightweight. This makes setting up camp easy and fast. The door is D-shaped and has no-snag zippers. The entire tent is waterproof with a complete coverage fly for additional protection from the elements. When you have to pack up, the Marmot Limelight tucks of neatly and compactly. It’s the perfect tent to take on all sorts of outdoor adventures, including camping, hiking, and bugging out.

waterproof survival tent

5. MountainSmith Morrison Two Person/ 3 Season Tent

This spacious tent gives a home away from home feeling. The Mountain Smith Morrison is a two person tent, constructed with high-quality materials. It has a freestanding design with a bathtub floor and taped seam; designed to keep you dry during a rain or snow storm. The two pole design with the color-coded fly attachment, makes setting up your survival tent, a quick and easy affair. The interiors offer 35 sq. ft. of space and the vestibule has 14 sq. ft. There’s lots of room for two people to sit, sleep, and store their gear. The walls feature mesh paneling for superb ventilation. Surprisingly, once packed up, the Morrison weighs around 4 pounds (1.81 kg). This is an ideal weight for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

6. Big Agnes Copper Spur UL Two Person Tent

This is a free-standing, three season, tent built using robust and pure materials. You can expect this tent to last for a long, long time. It offers some immaculate features like:

  • – DAC Featherlite NFL pole system with press-fit connection and lightweight hubs
  • – Silicon-treated, nylon riptop rainfly and floor with 1200 mm waterproof polyurethane coating
  • – Waterproof and taped seams with solvent-free PU tape
  • – For nighttime visibility, the guy line and webbing has reflective corners.
  • – The interiors have two media pockets and four mesh pockets, offering ample storage options.
  • – The tent body has two rainbow doors and two vestibules with storm flaps on the zippers.

Big Agnes Copper Spur is a sturdy, durable tent for serious campers and hikers.

two person survival tent

7. Kelty Grand Mesa Two Person Tent

The Kelty is made of polyester survival tent that offers durability and breathability. It offers a freestanding design and has color coded clips to facilitate easy and fast set up. This two person tent weighs less than five pounds, making it an ideal tool for carrying on your next camping, backpacking, or hiking adventure.

The Grand Mesa boasts many likeable features such as:

  • – Spacious interiors with enough room for sleeping bags and gear.
  • – A side release fly vent and tent-fly

This tent keeps you warm and toasty in the night and offers excellent all-weather protection. This is the perfect tent for a bug-out.

waterproof survival tent

8. Kelty TN Three Person Tent

If you’re looking for a survival tent that offers plenty of interior space and protection from all weather conditions, then the Kelty TN is your best option. This is a nylon tent that weighs around 5 pounds and 4 ounces. The interior measures around 39.5 sq. ft. while the vestibule offers a 11×11 sq. ft. area. The Kelty TN is an all-weather tent that offers protection from all the elements including rain. There’s a stargazer fly which lets you gaze up at the stars from your shelter. For additional storage, it offers a cube storage system. This is the perfect tent for a weekend backpacking adventures with your best friends.

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9. MountainSmith Genesee Four Person Tent

If you’re planning a camping adventure with your family, the MountainSmith Genesee is the best choice. It’s designed for three seasons, making it a suitable option for all weather fronts. The Genesee has two vestibules and two doors. This is a great entry and exit solution for a four person campout. It is a free-standing, 4-corner tent with a bathtub floor and taped floor seams. This survival tent has fly ventilation windows for additional airflow. The clip-pole attachment gives you a lightweight design with better breathability. The guy lines are reflective which is a good feature for nighttime visibility. Its interior mesh pockets and ceiling loft pocket provide additional storage solutions for smaller items like flashlights and first-aid kits. The Genesee is a robust and strong tent, capable of weathering any storm.

3 person survival tent

10. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr Three Person Tent

This is 3-person, 3-season survival tent, with a two-pole, free-standing design. The Zephyr has pole clips which easily snap onto the poles, making tent assembly a breeze. Made from 75D 185T polyester, this tent can withstand a lot of UV exposure. The floors have factory-sealed seams which provide superb all-weather protection. The walls are mesh, enabling fabulous ventilation. There’s ample space for gear storage in the vestibule. Its weatherproof fly latches on for maximum protection and adjustability. The ALPS Zephyr is a top choice for any outdoor bugging out adventure.

To select the best waterproof survival tent, consider your personal preferences, requirements, and the location where you plant to camp.

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