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Top 4 Affordable Vehicles that Make the Best Bug Out Vehicles

Have you got your bug out vehicle ready? Most of us have yet to buy an actual vehicle we call a bug out vehicle. We most likely have went the “prep your vehicle” route, until which time we can afford such a vehicle.

Today we bring you some of the best and most affordable vehicle options that make the best bug out vehicle.

What is a Bug Out Vehicle?

A bug out vehicle by definition is what you would hop in if you needed to get out of dodge. If you were going to pack your family and all your survival supplies in a vehicle and race out-of-town to avoid danger that was coming for you, the bug out vehicle would be the best option for you do accomplish this task.

What should the bug out vehicle allow you to do?

Could you bug out in that 2 seat sports car? Absolutely. You someone bug out on a survival bicycle? Of course and before it’s all over that might be what you are forced to finally resort to, but in my mind a bug out vehicle has to be able to accomplish a few tasks to even make the running. Ideally we have a vehicle that you can use daily that can also hold its own if forced to be put into action to get you out of a hairy situation.

What are the best bug out vehicles?


There are several models of Jeep that boast both 4 wheel drive and have a decent amount of cargo capacity to get you where you need to go. For serious off-road enthusiasts there is a huge market of parts and accessories to make this vehicle highly customizable.



The average prepper knows all about these vehicles and new ones are out of the realm of possibility, but you can get surplus military Humvee right now for less than $10,000 on the GOV Planet website. If you have always dreamed of outfitting your own mini-fiefdom after the world ends, now is your chance. Of course if you just want a great vehicle that can get you and your family to your secluded retreat, this makes a compelling option at this price.


4 Wheel drive Truck with crew cab

There are too many four-wheel drive trucks to list here, but a crew cab make this a natural fit for a Bug out vehicle. You can improve the suspension, add a cargo top and have a great vehicle that you can drive every day or when the grid goes down.


4 Wheel or all wheel drive SUV

Just like with trucks, SUV’s are everywhere but they aren’t all created equally. Some have 4 wheel drive, but all 4 wheel capability isn’t created equally. For SUV’s I would stick with Toyota 4Runner, Nissan or the Jeeps mentioned above. Obviously, the old Ford Expeditions and Chevy Tahoe can work in this capacity too and there will always be easy access to parts for each.


Best Bug out vehicle upgrades

These vehicles listed above will make great, affordable bug out vehicle options for most people but if you want to extend their capabilities, you can add some fairly simple aftermarket additions to make them even better.

  • Roof top cargo racks – This will extend the amount of gear you can carry by a considerable bit. Two well-known manufacturers are Gobi and Baha.
  • Improved front and rear bumpers – This is not an upgrade for everyone because they aren’t cheap but if you want some more protection (a lot more) for your bug out vehicle, there are several manufacturers. ARB, Shrockworks and CBI make insanely tough bumpers that you can add to your own vehicle.
  • Winch kits – Sometimes you get stuck and if the end of the world as we know it happens and you are riding into the wilderness in your bug out vehicle, you won’t be able to call AAA. Having a sturdy winch could pull you out of a jam.

click here for the rest best bug out vehicle upgrades.



  1. Ross

    April 25, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    For what it’s worth, when it comes to bug out vehicles, I would go with something that gets more than 8mpg. With most trucks and 4wd SUVs you start out with about 17mpg city (if your vehicle is new). You then add a lift, 35 inch tires, front and rear steel bumpers, roof rack, etc, and by the time you are done, you have a vehicle that gets gas mileage in the single digits. In a disaster scenario, it is a lot more likely that you will be paying extremely high prices for gas, and that there will be gas shortages than you having to do any rock crawling. Unless your bug out location is in Saudi Arabia, or on top of a pile of boulders, I would pass on the trucks and SUVs.

  2. Bor

    July 31, 2016 at 3:36 am

    Its good to have all terrain capable car, but is it necessary? Also, if you dont have enough driving experiences about driving off road most of those 4WD’s will be like turtles on their backs. paired with fact that having big car, fully laden with preps isnt best choice in time where people are starving. I have XJ (First gen) fully off road-able, but I use mostly my trustworthy, slightly modified 2.5 subaru impreza wagon AWD. its got big cargo space inside car, roof rack, not bad MPG and above average off road capabilities.Im not looking for rock crawler LOL.

  3. Scottsburg shannon

    April 8, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    Yes,you will be stranded or on foot without awd and some decent ground clearence.

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