Top 7 Survival Tents Under $500

The shelter is the first thing you look for in a survival condition but it’s not always an easy task. The minimum you need is a roof overhead and surrounding walls to keep you dry, warm, and safe within your private space.

There are several options open to you. You may discover an uninhabited cave if it is devoid of wild animals. Shelter out of branches and logs can be constructed if you are a survival expert. You may land into an empty cabin.

These are all possibilities. It largely depends on your luck for securing a shelter. Luck is not a great idea under survival conditions. The chances are slim for you to get lucky unless you are a survival master.

The next best option is to carry your shelter with you.

We are not talking about RVs and mobile homes. We are talking about survival tents, the most ingenious survival technology humans have invented.

Tents are not a recent invention. They were invented nearly 43,000 years ago. It was the age of hunting and gathering. Mankind hadn’t yet discovered settled agriculture. We have come far ahead from those days of primitive tents. We have had ages to perfect that primitive technology.

Tents today are far more specific, elaborate, and sophisticated. These modern tents can be as small as a single occupant. The bigger tents can accommodate eight persons.

Apart from occupancy standards, modern tents are highly segmented to meet specific circumstances. There are car camping tents and tents for truck beds. You may want backpacking tents or high altitude tents. They are all there. There are canvas tents. Some of us may need minimalist tents or cold-weather tents. They are all available. There are rain tents and insect tents. In other words, survival tents are highly segmented and specific to the needs of the users. No matter the situation, there are tents to meet everyone’s needs and budget.

The needs may be varied but there are common considerations to take into account when purchasing your tent.

Here are some essential features to look for in a tent, especially a survival tent.

light weight survival tent


Weight and Durability

Heavier the tent, the more difficult is the commute. You are escaping away from your original location to a place somewhere remote. Every ounce in weight matters when you have to carry the tent in your pack. Your best bet is the lightweight portable tent. A lightweight tent is especially convenient when you are moving the entire family along. You would certainly not want the extra-weight over the burden.

Modern fabrics are designed tough and light. There are tents to last years without so much as a scratch. Look for the tents that are more durable in extreme environments. The concept of survival itself is based on the notion of extreme circumstances. Since shelter is essential to survival, you would want to build on a strong foundation. Your survival remains unquestioned when protected by a strong, and durable canopy.

easy setup survival tent

Ease of Setup

A tent that cannot be set up easily frustrates. If setting up becomes complex and lengthy you would struggle to set up any way you can. In the process, you end up setting it up incorrectly when it loses its purpose – protection, and shelter. You would not want a tent that does not protect you from rain lashes and chilly weather outside. Go for the tent that can be set up easily. It is going to be a significant survival advantage.

survival tent

Other Features

There are several other features to look for depending on the kind of tent you want. The shape and color of the tent for instance play a significant role. The shape is important when you’ve to live in high wind terrain. A low profile aerodynamic tent should be the preferable choice in these circumstances.

Color is important for survival strategies and the kind of survival you have opted for. You may be attempting to remain hidden or interested in rescue. It could be SHTF survival or wilderness survival.

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A natural color that blends with the surroundings camouflages you. You are safe from predators.

When you desire rescue situations such as adventure of high altitude mountain climbing, your natural choice is high visibility color. It could be bright orange.

You should always prefer a survival tent with a vestibule to keep your muddy boots and gear outside while protecting from rain and snow. In addition, you should also ensure that your tent has water-proofing properties.

It is also important to consider things like the number of occupants and the size of the tent to fulfill your needs. You will need a bigger size tent for your family. Tiny sized single occupancy tents are best for a single person but those who feel claustrophobic may prefer double occupancy tents. Personal needs and preferences eventually decide the best tent sized tent for you.

Finally, there are survival tents that can be best in their class under $500. Here are some of them.

one person survival tent

One Person Tents

winterial survival tent


If you are looking for a single occupancy small-sized tent, Winterial could be among your ideal choices. It is lightweight and easy to a backpack. This tent weighs under 4 lbs. It is highly affordable for 32 bucks. This all-weather tent can be used comfortably for three seasons. Setting up this tent is as easy as it can be. There’s an easy ‘two-hoop’ system for an easy and quick set up.

Snugpak Ionosphere survival tent

Snugpak Ionosphere

This Snugpak product is a one-man dome tent known as The Ionosphere. It is made of nylon and comes in the dimension of 94″ x 39″ x 28″. It is ultra-light weighing merely 3.34 lbs.

This lightweight tent is equipped with NSL anodized aluminum poles that are feather-light. You also have a no-see-Um mosquito net to comfort you under difficult insect ridden circumstances. The 100 percent waterproof and weatherproof design of this survival tent is supported by a waterproof bath-tub style groundsheet and a waterproof flysheet.

The tent comes with a repair kit in case you damage the tent that needs an instant repair.

What is more, you get this survival tent along with all of these features for just about 180 to 185 bucks.

Snugpak Stratosphere

Yet another product from Snugpak known as Stratosphere is a one-person Bivvi shelter. This cozy, small, and comfortable tent is truly lightweight at 2.5 lbs. It has a self-supporting canopy to ensure you can access increased airflow and movement. This 100% waterproof and exceptionally lightweight survival tent keeps you dry and protects you from the wind.

The stakes to set up the tent comes with it.

The additional features include dual heavy weather fabric design, compact size, and No-See-Um Mesh Mosquito Net to protect you from insects. You get all this for less than 160 bucks.

two person survival tent

2 Person Tents

Kelty TN2 survival tent

Kelty TN2

This feature-rich and trail-trendy are lightweight and easy to haul. At 4.5 lbs it is easily a great choice for survival excursion or backpacking trip. It comes with the Stargazing fly that also serves as rain fly when needed with the convenience of a noiseless zipper.

It is easily set up with color-coded clip construction and innovative snap-clip technology. It is easily packable as well with the help of a 14-inch pole section and the storage sack. Other features include welded clear windows, fly vents, internal storage pockets, fly seams, and taped floors. It gives you the value for your money at $250.

The North Face Summit Series Assault survival tent

The North Face Summit Series Assault

This survival tent is strong, durable, and designed to serve you for years. It can be set up incredibly fast using two lightweight crossing poles. Warm and waterproof, this single-wall tent can easily serve two persons.

This tent, like others in the assault series, has been specially constructed for high intensity, high altitude expeditions. The tent comes with an attachable vestibule and yet remains lightweight at 3.24 lbs.

Durable and extremely versatile, this tent is designed to serve you lifelong with a lifetime warranty from North Face.

While the assault series has tents of all sizes, the prices go on increasing according to the size. Nevertheless, the prices of most of these tents are under $500.

4 person survival tent

4 Person Tents

There are several models of survival tents to accommodate 4 persons including Nemo Bungalow and Kelty Grand Mesa. These are some of the great tents to have under $500 but with their increasing size, the weight begins to increase.

Nemo Bungalow is capable of accommodating four individuals with the trail weight of a little more than 9 lbs. Its floor dimension is 100” x 90” while the floor area is 63 square feet and the vestibule area is 20 square feet. It comes with two doors. It features ultra-light Kevlar design which easily outperforms the aluminum design.
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Its smart design, superior ventilation, and lightweight features are its irresistible features.

Kelty Grand Mesa is a strong tent with excellent performance in rain and cold. Its ventilation is equally great to face the hot summer season. Its minimum weight is about 6 lbs while the packed weight is 7 lbs. Its floor area is 53.3 square feet while the vestibule area is 9.4 square feet. The dimension is 90 inches long, 80 inches wide, and 55 inches high. This tent is easy to set up with two sturdy poles available with the product. This could be a good choice for all-weather campers for a price of about $239.

As you move up the size beyond 4 persons, the survival tents begin to get heavy even if they are under $500. They may not be recommended as your bug out bag.

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