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Prepper News Weekly March 17th 2017

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

President Trump released his 2018 proposed Budget this week. It trims a whopping $30 Billion in discretionary spending. At least it’s a start. See the Budget HERE.

Angela Merkel is coming to Washington. Germany’s leader meets with President Trump today. The Chancellor is fighting for her political life in an populist-charged election similar to America’s from 2016. Perhaps she’s here to seek advice.

The economic situation in Venezuela grows more grim by the week. Now we learn that bakeries are out of bread. The benefits of socialism never cease.

North Korea continues to stir trouble in the Pacific region. Secretary of State Tillerson says the time for diplomacy has passed. As a reminder, we’ve technically been at war with the Asian nation for nearly 70 years.

Following issues with the Dutch the President of Turkey threatened, this week, to flood Europe with Syrian and other refugees. This, from a Nato “ally”.

The President and Speaker Paul Ryan continue their tenuous mission to reform and replace ObamaCare. The proposed repeal Bill narrowly passed its first committee outing. It might help if the GOP could ever get its act together and present a sensible, united front. Hope, that.

And March Madness continues. I guess. I’m a football guy. And Golf – and the Masters is right around the corner.

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