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Top Medications for Everyday Carry

“EDC” or everyday carry generally connotes the carry of weapons. The Ruger LCP is a compact pistol for EDC and so forth. However, there are other EDC items all preppers should have on hand. Chief among them are common medicines.

The Everyday Carry blog, the EDC of blogs, featured a great list of the Top Medicines for EDC. Take a close look and make sure you’re covered. These suggested remedies are as important as your first aid kit; they’re for the BOB, the car, the purse, or anywhere one might be day to day.

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The Top Ten Medicines For EDC

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Pain Relief

Almost everyone can use Ibuprofen. And it is a wonder drug. The weight lifter’s friend. Available over the counter, this pain killer is inexpensive in generic form. One may purchase it in counts from 2 to 500.

Bayer (Aspirin)
Another great, classic pain medicine that most people can use. Aspirin is great for fighting headaches and can ward off or ease a heart attack. Chewing an aspirin pill helps it get into the bloodstream faster. Keep some in your BOB.

Midol Menstrual
Women, of course, will get this entry. Men should consider carrying it too. Not only for the ladies in one’s life (they will thank you) but because men can use it as a Ibuprofen substitute in a pinch.

Allergy Medications

Once available with a prescription only Claritin is now sold OTC. If you get spring fever or a sniffle, make sure you have some.

While helpful with pollen, etc. like Claritin, Benadryl works on all kinds of reactions. It covers everything from food allergies to bug stings. Remember my woes with the yellow jackets? Benadryl made it a little (very little…) easier to bear.

For severe reactions and shock, Benadryl is the next best thing to epinephrine. Again, chew these pills for faster relief.

Cold and Flu Medications

Dayquil & Nyquil
These are name brands. Most stores carry their own generic versions which work just as well. You should carry them too. Nothing makes you more of a sick slug than a cold. Fight back!

Alka Seltzer Cold
Alka Seltzer was once just for headaches and indigestion. The cold variant is powerful and fast acting. Make sure you have some in case the bug comes to visit this winter.

Cough Drops
A few of these actually contain medicine that helps fight off infection. The rest still provide relief of sore throats and other minor conditions. They make you feel better almost instantly.

Health Supplements

TUMS / Rolaids / Antacids
Eat a cheeseburger and pay for it. Thai and Indian food too. Carry an antacid just in case your MREs give you heartburn out on the survival trail (or at the company picnic). These generally start working immediately.

This is a vitamin C booster. Taken early it can greatly reduce the severity and length of the common cold. Most people don’t get enough C anyway. Make sure you do.

Energy Drink Shots
Coffee for non-coffee drinkers, I suppose. Sometimes anyone can benefit from a little pep. It’s especially important when you’re sick but you can’t lie down to nap.

Multi Vitamins
Again, most people don’t usually get enough vitamins through their diets. Give yourself a little boost when needed. Vitamins improve overall health which, in turn, helps the body fight off all kinds of illnesses.

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These recommended items are all available over the counter. Even if you’re not prone to one particular ailment, still consider carrying the remedy. It’s better to have it and not need it, as the saying goes. And it could come in handy for someone else, not just you.

Health is important – supremely important. It is really synonymous with survival. Take care of yourself.

If you rely on a prescription medication, then it makes sense to have at least a little of that on hand too, just in case. That’s what prepping is really about: convenience when things go awry and planning for the unexpected.

Take two and keep prepping in the morning.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.



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