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This Is What Two Weeks Of Survival Food Storage Looks Like

Food and water supplies are critical for any survival situation. This is especially true when living off the grid or in an emergency scenario. Even the Hussein Obama administration urges Americans to have a three-day supply on hand at all times. But, it that enough?

Most preppers answer that question, “no”. Three days is enough for an ice storm or a short-term event. However, for prolonged emergencies many of our folks are preparing for weeks or even months of shortages. Realistically, two months is the new three days.

The American Preppers Network has a great little article on What a Two Week Food Supply Looks Like. The story by Carli Schofield features a seven-minute video by the ObsessivePrepperAz (YouTube). Please read the story and watch the video.

The Network notes that the video centers on the bare minimum of what a family would need in a crisis. The advice is easy to follow and is a great starting point for beginners.

The advice given is largely concerned with cans of Campbell’s soup. Prepper Network recommends adding items to supplement the near liquid diet. Rice, pasta, and some canned meats and vegetables will go a long way towards amplifying this supply.

They even offer a simple recipe for turning a can into a tasty stew. As they say, “stew is salvation.” That’s something to consider before things get bad.


Still video picture by Obsessiveprepperaz.

Yes, this advice is a little heavy on the Campbells. Their products are readily available, last a relatively long time, are nutritious and are very easy to prepare.

Still video picture by Obsessiveprepperaz.

Have stored, bottled water on hand for easier cooking.

Still video picture by Obsessiveprepperaz.

Keep some canned fruit for healthy variety.


Video by Obsessiveprepperaz / YouTube.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be prepared to weather the storm. Add a little imagination and a few other items and you can make it through in style and culinary comfort. As time progresses and you learn more you will grow your pantry.

In conclusion, a little preparation goes a long way. Getting the food stored away now will make it much easier if and when a time of need comes. In addition to providing food for your family you will teach them the importance of self-reliance. That quality is always on the menu.

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