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Use C.O.L.D. to Stay Warm this Winter

We’ve been talking a lot lately about staying warm during cold weather. Even though we’ve yet to see cold this year, we all know it’s coming. Knowing that extreme cold weather can be or is headed our way is when our job kicks in and we prepare to stay warm regardless of the cold, especially if the power goes out.


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Silent Prepper from Prepper Central talked about the Military acronym C.O.L.D. for staying warm:



C. is for clean. Make an effort to keep yourself and your clothes as clean as possible.  Clean clothes also work more effectively to insulate your body.
O. is for overheating. Avoid becoming overheated in cold weather. If your body gets overheated, you will start to sweat. This can cause you and your clothes to become wet due to perspiration. This needs to be avoided during cold weather.
L. is for layers. Always dress in layers of clothing that fit loosely. You can add additional layers of clothing if you become cold and you can remove extra layers of clothing if your body begins to overheat. Air space between the layers of your clothing will also help further insulate your body from the cold weather.
D. is for dry. Make an effort to keep yourself and your clothes dry. Items of clothing that dry quickly or wick moisture, such as polypropylene or wool, are good choices to help you stay dry. Use water-proof and “breathable” items to keep rain, snow and wind out but which will also allow perspiration to leave your body. This will also help to keep you dry. You should also make sure all of your essential gear items are kept dry. Give special attention to gear items that need to be protected from cold temperatures. Make sure those items are also well insulated.
I hope we aren’t beating this point into the ground, but we really feel it necessary to ensure everyone is ready for winter this year. Weather experts along with the Farmer’s Almanac have said this will be the worse winter we’ve seen in over 10 years.

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