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Use These Home Remedies To Survive A Yellow Jacket Attack

Few things in nature are more aggravating than a nest of angry yellow jackets. And I do not mean the kind from Georgia Tech.

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If one works outside long enough, eventually one will encounter these tenacious pests. For some the sting of a yellow jacket can be a dangerous health crisis. Sometimes stings can be deadly.

The Diehard Survivor posted a Guide to Surviving Yellow Jacket Stings. This information is good to have at any time. In a post-collapse environment it could save your life.

In an emergency you may not be able to go to the hospital for stings or other issues. Thus, it is critical to know how to treat yellow jacket stings at home and by yourself.

Yellow Jacket Sting Home Remedies

  • If a stinger is embedded in the skin, remove it with tweezers. Wash the area with soap and water.
  • Use an ice pack for ten minutes to reduce swelling.
  • Make a paste of baking soda and clean water and apply it to stings. Ammonia will also stop some of the burning from a sting.
  • You can use alcohol or vinegar to further soothe irritation.
  • Topically apply eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or citronella oil.
  • A mud pack may also provide relief and possibly draw out some venom.
  • Consider adding meat tenderizer to your baking soda paste. The enzymes in the tenderizer may help break down the toxins.
  • In addition to taking aspirin orally, one can crush a pill and rub it on the affected area directly.

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Twice in my life I have tangled with yellow jackets. And twice I think they got the better of me. Both times I was working the border between the yard and the woods. I stumbled onto them without seeing them. If you don’t step on or bother them, they will leave you alone. However they will let you know you’re not wanted pretty quick.

I discovered, luckily, that I am not allergic. However, it is better to know effective treatment skills and not need them than the alternative. Read through these tips again. If you can’t escape the sting, you can beat the symptoms.

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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