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If You Use Plastic Milk Jugs, You’ll Want to Save them for This

milk jug lantern

milk jug lantern

Night time during a survival situation can be pretty scary for many people. A lot of people will get very uncomfortable and nervous when the lights go out. Imagine yourself, maybe you’re home, maybe you’re bugging out and in a strange place and you’re in the dark.

I know we all have flashlights and fire starters. But you don’t want to be draining your flashlight batteries or burning a fire to draw attention to yourself. So where does that leave you?

When it comes to needing light without drawing a lot of attention, you need to think in terms of ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is generally a softer type of light, no so bright, so that people will easily notice you.

[cleveryoutube video=”I_bkF9qIkPE” vidstyle=”3″ pic=”” afterpic=”” width=”” quality=”inherit” starttime=”” endtime=”” caption=”” showexpander=”off” alignment=”left” newser=”” margin=”true”]

Here some simple instructions to go along with the video.

  1. Simply take an empty milk jug, and refill it with water (the water should be a clean as possible).
  2. Then take a headlamp and strap the lamp with the light facing toward the inside of the jug.

One quick tip, this doesn’t just apply to gallon milk jugs, you can use any clear container, for your bug out bag you could use a small water bottle that you most likely packed anyway.

The light, as you see in the video, will magnify off the water and create a glowing lamp, giving you plenty of light to fill a closed off room or even illuminate a campsite.

But this light is not super bring like your flashlight or a fire, so it won’t hurt your eyes at night, nor should it get too much attention.

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1 Comment

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