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Use These Tips To Survive An Airliner Crash

The recent crash and tragedy involving the Brazilian soccer team has people talking about commercial air safety. Statistically, air travel is the safest way to go. Still, people are understandably afraid.

The Daily Mail travel section ran a reassuring article the other day. With help from Graham Braithwaite they offered tips to help you survive an airliner crash. If your holiday plans involve air travel, this is something you need to read.


Photo by efdreams.

How To Survive An Airliner Crash

There are some crashes that no-one can survive. A full speed ride into a mountain, for example, is a death sentence. Likewise, a fall straight from 30,000 feet is rather deadly. Luckily, the event is extremely quick and painless. Uhh… Even more lucky, for us, those and other crashes are exceedingly rare.

Most crashes that do occur are survivable. So says the EU Transportation Safety Council. Even in very “bad” crashes there are usually survivors.

A lot of this has to do with the speed, altitude, and location of the plane. Most crashes happen just after takeoff or just prior to landing. Thus, the planes are lower and moving slower. Planes are also just made better than they used to be and crash avoidance and mitigation has come a long way.

Beyond all that, survival has much to do with how passengers react. Here are some tips for survival:

Know where the exits are. Count the rows of seat between you and the nearest exit. Make sure you can find it blind, in the smoke.

Listen carefully to crew safety information and heed any and all warning they give in flight.

Once the plane has crash and you are mobile, get out as fast as possible.

Always wear your seatbelt.

Keep your shoes on so you can move when you have to.

Most of all, stay calm but vigilant.


Photo by NY Daily News.

Please review the (unembeddable) safety video which accompanied the Mail story.

Most people have no fear of flying. It is the thought of a crash that gets them. These are very rare. You’re much more likely to be in a car accident than a plane crash. And, just like car accidents, plane crashes are survivable.

Use the above tips to make your next airline venture smooth and safe. You can make it, even if things go wrong. Be a survivor.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. KJQ

    December 22, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Always get a seat as close to the back of the plane as you can. Crash stats show that the farther back in the plane you are, the greater the chance of living.

    Take an aisle seat vice a window seat, unless you are in an exit row for faster egress.

    Avoid crappy no-name discount airlines. The greatest number of crashes are on cheapo airlines caused by poor pilot training and poor aircraft maintenance.

    The best crash position is leaning forward and wrapping your arms around you legs (under your thighs), NOT leaning on the seat ahead of you.

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