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Use Winter Time To Prep For Next Spring’s Garden

Everyone loves a garden. Or, at least they love fresh garden produce. Spring is the ideal time to get a garden planted and growing. But, is there anything you can do now, as winter approaches, to get ready?

Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, says “yes”. She posted 24 Winter Garden Preps For A Spring Garden. Please check it out.

Winter Garden Preps For Springtime


Photo by Garden Posts UK.

Fall preps to do before the first hard freeze

1. Clean up dead vegetation from the garden. Lisa recommends against composting because the seeds could sprout later and in places you don’t want them.

2. Place deep mulch over annuals to keep them alive through the winter.

3. Mulch and/or compost all your beds. Well, not the one you sleep in, obviously.

4. Clean, oil, and store away your tools.

5. Repair tools that are in bad shape. You have time right now.

6. Start your plant-based wish-list.

Plan Now

Planning for next spring

7. Order seed catalogs now. That way you will have time to thumb through them before planting season rolls around.

8. Build what you need for next spring. Build a hothouse for next winter if you want to extend the growing season.

9. Plot and plan out your garden now on paper.

10. Test the viability of the seeds you have on hand.

11. Order the plants, in your plan, from longest growing period to shortest.

12. Lisa poses some thought-provoking questions about your plans:

“Do you want to plant any new ones?

What kind?

How will planting these affect other plants you’ll put nearby? If you put in a tree that gets very wide, so you probably won’t want to plant bushes or anything long-lasting near it, but annual flowers could do great and provide a nice pop of color!

Are there any other plants that cannot coexist with it?

What plants do really well with it?

Where do you want them on your lot?”

13. Pick and order from the catalogs.

On Picking Plants

14. Decide what you want or need. Seek expert advice if necessary.

15. Make it a family effort. Get the kids involved if they are old enough to help. Have fun.

16. Know your growing zone and local conditions. Plan accordingly.

17. Pre-plan against weeds and pests.

18. Think about how much you need for personal and family consumption.

19. Know which leftover veggies you can root and reuse.

Even In Winter

Mid-Winter Steps

20. Pay attention to your local weather – the general conditions and for the particular year.

21. Inspect your property with the leaves off the plants. Make improvements as needed.

22. Make sure you don’t have root intrusion into walls and driveways, etc.

23. Pay attention to where sunlight lands on your land. Plan accordingly.

24. For an early planting start, begin with potted plants inside. Then transfer when the weather permits.

*The Survival Mom has been helping all of us worry less and enjoy our homes and families more for 5 years. Join her on the journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios.


Photo by Your Punchlist.

As with anything, gardening planning and practice makes for perfection. Use these tips to grow a bigger, better garden.

If you’ve had problems in the past, winter is the ideal time to consult with an expert for corrections. If you’re a master gardener, use your powers to help others.

Get growing!

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