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What Do You Do With Toilet Paper Rolls?

I don’t know about you, but I have been looking at everything a lot differently since beginning this life of seeking self-reliance.  From reusing soup cans, re-purposing grocery bags, and well, everything is game for me now.  Well, except used Kleenex, ya, nothing more to do with those!  Some things you gotta let go to the trash bin and hopefully leave a “grow print” rather than a foot print on the Earth.  I do believe there is something more we can do with toilet paper rolls!




Well, we can begin gardens!  Yup.  One of the ways to begin a garden is in a toilet paper roll.  Sounds silly, right?  But let’s ask:  Who doesn’t love some fresh herbs, or vegetables or anything fresh to feed your family?  You don’t have to pay retail for a pot to begin.  It’s really simple.  You can begin with one toilet paper roll pot, or two or however many you want!  Instead of throwing these “pots” away you can plant away!  It is cost effective and it works.


Step 1: Once the toilet paper is gone, save the roll.

Step 2: Cut the toilet paper roll in half.

Step 3: Snip 4 cuts about ½ diagonally. (See photos)

Step 4: Fold the cut edges into each other to form a “bottom” for your new “pot”.

Step 5: Fill it with soil.

Step 6: Choose a few seeds to place in the soil.


PicMonkey Collage


Next steps are all your choice.  You can place it in a greenhouse (we have tons of tips on how to make your own greenhouse without dropping a dime) or you can bring the new toilet paper roll pots inside and place under a light to let them begin to grow.  Or you can always put in a windowsill.  With some love, sun and water you will begin to see life pop out of the soil.  Once they have a root system strong enough, you can dig a hole in your garden and plant it.  Yes, paper roll and all.  Just be sure you see enough roots before putting them in their new “home”.


Make sure you water your seedlings, and they have plenty of light and not too much of either.  Please do not let your little pots dry out.


Starting seedlings this way saves the plant from the shock of transplanting and the roll is biodegradable.  Next thing you’ll know your happy little seedlings will be thriving.  Happy planting and I hope these little tips help you begin your garden or expand it.  Have fun and enjoy!




This will be green with life in a few months!  But, until then….

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tracy Spangler

    June 28, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    You know I was wondering what to put some of my windowsill herbs in, now that all my tiny pots are spoken for, and my girls love playing with toilet paper rolls, so I can easily find them laying around the house! (This may be the first time I’m ever glad they leave toys all over the floor!) I can’t wait to get some Cilantro and Catnip growing! Thanks!

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