Using an AR-15 to Stop Crime

Using an AR-15 to Stop Crime


The AR-15 and other “scary” “assault-style” rifles are under attack by the loony left like never before. A million Americans use guns, all kinds of guns, to defend and protect themselves every year. Yet the actions of a small handful of (always known) criminals are constantly used to justify “common sense” gun control.


Really, there’s NO sense in banning or restricting a useful tool in the war on criminal activity, not to mention deterring tyrannical governmental activity.


Bearing Arms and Tom Knighton give us a look into a recent story where the citizen hero used one of those dreaded black rifles to thwart a criminal. It happens all the time.


Picture by Pew Pew Tactical.

The AR platform is popular, useful, and a far cry from the original design of the 1960’s. It’s nowhere near as dangerous to Americans as hammers, baseball bats, other guns, drugs, fists, feet, cars, or hospitals. But the left never lets the absolute truth interfere with their narrative of globalism and communist slavery.


That’s why it’s critical for us to trumpet and celebrate good gun stories like this one:


“A witness used an AR-15 rifle to stop a knife attack Monday in the 100 block of Harbor Drive, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office said. According to police, deputies responded to a report of one person with a knife and another with a gun at the Oswego Township apartment complex. An investigation revealed the incident began as a “neighbor dispute,” with the suspect inflicting multiple stab wounds on the victim, a 28-year-old man.


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Police said a witness to the stabbing retrieved an AR-15 rifle from his apartment and stopped the knife attack “with only a threat of force.” The witness had both a valid firearm owner’s ID card and a concealed carry permit, according to the sheriff’s office.”


-Bearing Arms

Yes, an assault rifle and a decent man stopped an attack and probably saved a life too – without firing a single shot. Most criminals are either cowards or mentally, emotionally compromised. The mere sight of a defender’s firearm usually sets them straight. It effectively quells the violent tendencies until the police can finally show up and make an arrest.

Again, this happens every day, year after year. It’s not always a good guy with a rifle saving the day though it frequently is. It happened in the LA riots. It happened at a suburban South Carolina gun store during a robbery. It’s probably happened around the corner wherever you are.


We must always fight the lies of the gun grabbers with the truth. The statistics are wholly on our side. It helps to have anecdotal stories like this one to throw back against the mass shootings and the mass hysteria that always follows (the latter much more common than the former).


Spread the word. Support and defend your rights. Or else someone will be more than happy to take the away.


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