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Canned Foods that Last Longest

Military MREs and freeze dried foods are available for preppers. Some of these will keep for several decades under the right conditions. However, there is a more common and cost effective alternative: can goods.

Most canned goods have a substantial shelf life. Some will remain edible for years. They are inexpensive and available at stores everywhere. They make a great start for the prepping pantry

Diehard Survivor has a great video-based article on Long-Lasting Canned Foods. Please take a close look and decide if this strategy is right for you and your family.

Canned Foods For Survival

Video by Survivalist 2012 / Youtube.

Photo by by Survivalist 2012 / Youtube.

Remember that the “sell by date”or “best by date” does not mean the product has gone bad. Most of these items will remain edible far longer. They just might not taste as good. Some will last for years after their dates.

Photo by by Survivalist 2012 / Youtube.

Canned Salmon may have the longest natural life of the canned meats – as long as four years.

Photo by by Survivalist 2012 / Youtube.

Canned goods make a very good alternative to or complement for expensive options.

Related Survival Food Information From Freedom Prepper:

Two Weeks Survival Food Supply (Video)

Look closely at this video. Then make a trip to the local grocer. Spend a little time and effort and investigate which foods have the longevity you’re looking for.

The great things about canned goods are: they’re everywhere; they’re cheap; and they come in a huge variety. You can stock up on your favorite meats, veggies and pre-made meals. Then you can rotate the stock as needed from your survival pantry into the nightly kitchen.

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