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Wait Til you See What the Most Overlooked Item in a Survival Kit is (Updated for Urban and Rural Preppers)


If you live in the city then having an urban survival kit is a must. Actually having several is a necessity. Having one at work, in the car and obviously at home is the ideal thing to do.

There are many things to put in an urban survival kit, but there is one item that is overlooked more than any other item. Watch this video and find out what it is:

Reality Survival / YouTube.

Do you have this in your urban survival kit?

Wait. What if you live in the country? There are different needs in different areas. Luckily, the Reality Survival crew has the rural crowd covered to. Here’s the most neglected item for country preppers:

Reality Survival / YouTube.

Got that one?

The most overlooked item: one for the city and one for the country. Did you catch them both?

Well, there’s no masking it…

Still by Reality Survival.

*Our great thanks to Robert G. for alerting us to a video defect in the previous article, Jan. 19, 2016, concerning the urban item.


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