Watch: Rats Can Easily Invade Any Home

Watch: Rats Can Easily Invade Any Home


No one, a few cats and snake lovers aside, likes a rat. Our little furry friends, God’s creature to be sure, have their place. But it’s a place outside and away from where we eat, sleep, and bathe. Yet the last activity holds the key for how a rat or two just might be able to slip into your home.


These things carry all manner of disease, including the plague. They’ve been known to bite. And they eat food, make a mess, damage property, and genrally make a nuisance. Right now, as National Geographic makes obvious, you’re probably at risk for finding one, maybe in the bathroom. Please watch:


Video by National Geographic/YouTube.



They say a man’s home is his castle. Yet the throne just might be the weakness in your fortress defenses. They can swim and crawl in through the toilet with amazing ease. I hear snakes can enter the same way.


Yes, the odds must be extremely low. I’ve never seen a rat in the toilet. You? Then again, they don’t stay in the bowl. Find one anywhere and you know how it could have entered.


The solution is pretty simple: close the lid. I’m sure there’s some sort of effective screen that could be added at the sewer level. But just close the lid when you’re done. Maybe keep a bat or hammer close when you open it again.


Legacy Food Storage

No word if similarly built and useful politicians have ever invaded a home the same way. Keep an eye out…


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