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In the news:

Winter is here in full force! All January long, Freedom Prepper will run regular feature articles and specials on prepping for the worst winter weather and conditions. Check in every day for all the information you’ll need to last through the season.

Tensions brew between Russia, America, and Nato, courtesy of Lame-Duck Obama. Following rhetoric and military exercises in the Baltic states, Russia is moving heavy, modern armaments into its Western regions. As a counter-counter, Obama has dispatched special forces troops and other assets to several Baltic nations.

One hopes President Trump will minimize the tensions, possibly the worst since the Cold War. For his part, President Putin seems largely optimistic, even humorous about the events.

Allegations of Russian “Hacking” of the DNC during and prior to last November’s election prompted Senate hearings Thursday. Specifics and evidence seem rather slim that this was a state-sponsored attack. My money is on a false-flag, inside job. Developing…

Chicago Saw a Terrible Hate Crime this week. See here for more information. Four black thugs kidnapped and tortured a mentally handicapped white man. Amazingly, all four have been captured and have actually been charged with hate crimes, among numerous violent felonies. Civilization simply cannot tolerate this degeneracy much longer.


Photo by Facebook Live.

The Obamas are Moving! And soon. A moving truck was spotted at the white house and renovations are under way at Obama’s new home in D.C. Donald Trump takes office on Jan. 20th.

Terror Struck Turkey, when terrorists dressed somewhat like Santa Clause opened fire during new year’s celebrations.

Terror Came Back to America Yesterday. A deranged U.S. veteran and likely ISIS fighter opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Five are dead and eight are injured. The suspect, who had previously confessed terrorist connections to the FBI, is in custody. 2017, here we go…


Photo by Star Tribune.

Tucker Carlson will replace the departing Megyn Kelly at Fox News. Most are happy to see the unhappy Kelly go to one of the alphabet networks. Carlson is a rising conservative star known for his no-holds-barred approaches.

The NCAA football championship game is coming next Monday. Watch Alabama and Clemson. The Super Bowl isn’t far behind. Ahead of the divisionals and wildcards I’m still picking New England versus the Cowboys. We’ll know soon enough.

Heck, here goes nothing. Alabama – 28, Clemson – 21. NE – 31, Dal. – 30. No bets, please…

Happy 2017. This looks to be the best year yet at Freedom Prepper! Many thanks to you.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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