Welcome to Fort Lilly

Welcome to Fort Lilly


It’s a real place located somewhere in those Northern woods. And it’s the creation of one of the most prolific, dedicated, and photogenic prepper/survivalists out there: Survival Lilly. What started as a lean-to woodland shelter has merged (at this video point) into a fully enclosed log fort structure. She’s packed a lot of unexpected amenities in there.


Please have an exploratory look:


Video by Survival Lilly/YouTube.



Only lacking a roof to become an enclosed cabin.



Lilly really is super.


Legacy Food Storage

Now, you’re probably wondering about her construction methods. I challenge you! Poke around her channel for a few more clips (all of them, really). Nearby you will find a cool shoot about her subsequent expansion of the shelter. No, it wasn’t nearly big enough or cool enough. Those methods are as thought provoking as they are thorough.


Look a little further and you’ll see her spend a cold, snowy night encamped at Fort Lilly. Fire, food, and your good company. No old palisade ever looked so good.


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