What Can You Do to Become Self-Sufficient?

being self sufficient

It seems more and more people are moving towards being self sufficient. You see more people growing their own food, raising chickens and turkeys, hunting and fishing, and installing some type of renewable energy on their homes.


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being self sufficient


People have different ideas for what self sufficient means. To me it means you are responsible for you. You don’t need to rely on a dying system for energy, water, or food.


The folks from The Doomsday Moose have some great tips on becoming self sufficient:


What Can I Do to be Self-Sufficient?

The first thing to consider for many homeowners is the cost of heating and cooling. In the past few years, utility bills have risen significantly, affecting millions of households. Solar roofing solutions have become an ideal option for homeowners and people looking to become homeowners.

For home builders in Tampa, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona it is only natural to take advantage of the sunny days. However, when you live in regions not often associated with a lot of sunny days solar power doesn’t seem to be a natural progression.

Alongside solar roofing and panels, you can supplement your home’s heating systems. This will cut on costs as heating account for about 75% of a home’s electricity or gas bills. Where possible, use intelligent solar immersion heaters to save on heating costs.

You can also check the quality of insulation on your house. This can help save energy that goes to waste every day. The R-value, which is a measure of the energy efficiency of your roofs and the walls, is a key aspect you can evaluate to know if you use more money than you should.

The Roof Comes Out on Top

The good news is that you can turn your roofs into energy generating surfaces. Solar roofing is what you need to stop being over-dependent on electricity and gas energy from energy giants. This means you are capable of generating alternative energy, which can be used both as a primary source of power and as a backup source. Also you are not at the mercy of those energy giants who will do heavy damage to your wallet.

Good Gutters

Make sure to install gutters that can help collect enough rainwater. Professionally installed gutters and water tanks can help you save colossal amounts of money, which would otherwise be paid to municipal water.


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