What Does It Mean To Be Prepared?

Preparing is the act of getting ready for the future. Preparing is a broad term and action that has been a part of human civilization for ages. From stone-age men preparing to hunt and farm to every event that we prepare for daily, life can easily be broken down into stages of preparation.

Prepare to survive


Life is full of mysteries and scary unknowns. No matter how much we schedule and prepare our daily lives, there will always be events that are entirely out of our control. Furthermore, the problems that may arise in your day can cause fear, damage or trauma that one cannot measure. So we can’t prepare for all scenarios, but we can be prepared to tackle any problem as it faces us. 

To every human being, their life is precious. There are more people than we know that are afraid of adversities or even of death. It is essential to realize that the end can come to anyone at any time. This fact is what fears people the most, facing the future without knowing what it has in store for them.

Of course, some things can be done with the copious amounts of adrenalin that our body pumps up in situations. Our brain is designed to act in specific ways when encountering problems where you have to fight for your life. Yet, millions die due to unpredictable consequences every year. Hence, it is imperative to prepare for any emergency that life may throw at us.

The events that threaten our survival every passing minute

Natural disasters certainly top the list. According to the UN, from the year 2000 to 2019, there were approximately 60,000 deaths per year due to natural disasters of various kinds, and millions were injured. These are just a few examples of unexpected and uncontrollable situations that brought the end of life to many. 

Other issues that we face throughout our life cannot be measured, and some people face them worse than others. Some might get ‘lucky’ while others have to face the wrath of fate and being under-prepared. These numbers are astonishing and gut-wrenching, but at the same time highly concerning because people need to be made aware of what a good thing it is to be prepared extensively for any type of disaster. Preparation reduces harmful consequences massively.

Can we prepare for such events? 

Depending on their causes, yes. What about the ones that cannot be prevented? This is where preparation matters. Even if you do not have an action plan, you should always be mentally prepared for challenges. 

Statistics estimate that hundreds of thousands of lives can be saved every year if we prepare for natural disasters. Most deaths caused by natural disasters occur due to the lack of food and clean drinking water, resulting in starvation, dehydration, nutrition, and water-borne diseases. The answer lies in the preparation. 

Nowadays, children in schools are made aware of natural disasters and educated on preparing first aid boxes. They are taught the importance of saving water and food during a natural disaster. The government builds hundreds of bunkers and relief shelters around the country to be prepared for the worst hitting disasters. 

Be prepared for crime


It is rather unfortunate that we humans have to protect ourselves from our species, but it is the sad reality of a somewhat flawed world. Being well trained in self-defense, carrying tasers and pepper sprays are ways we can be prepared for human crimes. Yet, the responsibility of being prepared goes beyond individual here. The police and various other government bodies are equally responsible for being prepared for worst-case scenarios with the best arms and trained officers.

Awareness is the best form of preparation

Many lives can be saved when people are aware of the dangers of their actions, like travelling on a collapsible bridge or wandering in a dense and predator-inhabited forest. 

Catastrophe is always unfortunate, be it inflicted upon one person or thousands. There will always be things that we cannot be prepared for enough, and for them, we must accept our fate and do our absolute best at being trained physically and mentally. 

“Don’t hide the fact that snakes may enter your garden to protect your children. Tell them, educate them and prepare them to be safe when they encounter one.” – Anonymous.

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Preparing for survival comes in many other forms as well. As long as we are well informed and take the necessary actions with the available recourses, we can assure our safety better than without preparations. Thus, let us understand life’s mysteries and chaotic twists, train ourselves, gather the resources, and strategize as individuals and communities. Let us know what it means to be prepared. 

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