What Preppers Need To Know About The Virginia Firearms “Debate”

What Preppers Need To Know About The Virginia Firearms “Debate”

The motto says “Virginia is for Lovers.” And, I for one, love the Old Dominion. I almost went to college there, back *ahem* a few years ago. In my days of trekking back and forth from the Deep South to New England, I relished the slightly easier drive up mountainous I-81, as opposed to urban 95. It’s a beautiful, green state packed with proud, pleasant people. It’s part of the very fabric of the beginning of America, home of Virginia Dare, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

So, what the heck has happened lately?!

The Guns of Virginia

There’s a danger in our collective tendency to let things blow over, say, once a rally is successful. If you’re a Virginia gun owner, then you likely know what’s in this article. Everyone else, please pay attention.

The news out of Richmond and beyond has been a little less than enthusiastic for freedom and less than reassuring for tranquility. You, no doubt, have already heard or read much concerning the state of things in old Virgin-i-A. Following years of urbanization and the takeover of Northern VA by Washingtonian-types, the Commonwealth went blue, politically speaking. It’s done that before, but this time was different. The government wants GUN CONTROL. They want it now. And they want it big.

The state government is led by Governor Ralph Northam, who used to wear blackface and go by the nickname of “Coonman.” Yeah. If that were the beginning and the end of it, then embarrassing as it might be, it would not imperil life and liberty. But, it’s only the beginning. Northam is bent on turning Virginia into leftist paradise, a Super-California if you will. Incredibly, he proposed and defended legalizing INFANTICIDE in addition to “ordinary” abortions. Now, he and his cronies are determined to completely eliminate the ability of regular Virginians to defend themselves and successfully resist tyranny. (Just a thought: a government that defends the murder of born, out-of-the-womb infants might be worth resisting).

(Virginia Defense Force Logo)


I wrote that admonishment a few weeks ago in a national affairs column. It bears repeating. Virginia was seminal to both the Southern Rebellion of 1861-65 and the American Revolution. Things happen there. They may happen again. Let’s think of the Commonwealth as a bellwether for the Nation. Why? Because the Democrats in VA are pushing some of the hardest, most totalitarian gun control anywhere in the country. The gun-grabbers never rest or stop, and what they do in one place, they’ll try in every place.

Before we get to the specific laws and the national ramifications, do know that Virginians are not taking this lying down. On Monday, January 20, 2020 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day – ten thousand or more men and women took to the streets around the Capitol in Richmond to protest both against the proposed tyranny and in favor of private firearms. The event was organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Maliciously branding the people as violent “white nationalists,” Northam declared a state of emergency and banned the carrying of guns – at a gun rally. Of course, no violence of any kind erupted, other than that of Northam’s violence against the Constitution. This, even with the addition of Antifa, whose members marched with the people against state tyranny.

When people on the right and the left can agree that something is important, that’s usually a good sign that it is. But, what does it mean logistically and strategically in the near future?

We’re getting to the laws (you already know the rumors). But, as I said, people are resisting. And they’re not content to wait for Richmond to make the first move. Sheriffs, local governments, and local citizens have already declared their resolutions not to participate in gun control. Taking a cue from the illegal immigration aficionados, they have declared some 90% of the state a Second Amendment Sanctuary. That means that the map looks like a sea of sanity, completely surrounding a few urban islands. Even Chairman Mao advised taking the countryside first. On the map, it begins to look like a siege.

(Gun Rights Watch/Daisy Luther)

Politically, the people aren’t waiting around either. Not satisfied to wait for a general election, they have begun petition efforts to recall Northam and the rest of the crooks. They’re getting so many signatures that the corrupt General Assembly has floated a bill to raise the requirements for such petitions. A nice touch – and a declaration of contempt. 

WEST Virginians aren’t waiting either. Their Senate has already approved a resolution inviting some Virginians to join WV via secession. Secession in America has historically been met with ridicule – and violence.

To that end, Virginia’s Attorney General has promised the new laws (once enacted) will be enforced. Other politicians of Stalinist-bent have suggested the National Guard might do the enforcing. They have allegedly backed down from the dangerous rhetoric, but it’s the thought that counts. They mean every word of every threat.


Existing Gun Laws in Virginia

Heretofore, VA has been pretty firearms-friendly.

The NRA keeps a very good summary of the law in Virginia (and other states). SEE HERE.

Legacy Food Storage

Those laws start with the State Constitution, which provides, in a language most similar to the Federal Second Amendment, that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed(!)” Some people don’t seem to understand the meaning of “shall not.” This quandary has given me pause for more than a decade since the line of “great” 2A cases came out of the Supreme Court – Heller and MacDonald. While positively affirming the plain language about the rights OF THE PEOPLE, those cases also contained what I consider to be dangerous mealy-mouthed caveats, to the effect that said rights are still subject to “reasonable restrictions” by the state. The same people who don’t grasp “shall not” don’t do so well with “reasonable” either.

The Unreasonable Proposals

The NRA-ILA has a set of blanket statements about the proposals. For precise coverage, you’ll need to consult the state’s legal reporting in Richmond (boring) or the General Assembly’s bill and law tracking services (really boring). 

By the way, some of these insane bills go beyond firearms or even mechanical weaponry. There’s one which would outlaw self-defense, period. Even boxing – or teaching boxing!

The tyrants, regardless of popular sentiment, and hiding behind fictitious fears of gun violence, advance their laws.

A few bills on the move through the General Assembly:

  • “Red Flag”
  • One handgun per month
  • Universal background checks
  • “Gun-free” zones

Those are getting votes. The tyrants also want to ban high-capacity magazines, handguns, and “assault” rifles. Then, they’ll want to ban rifles. The shotguns. The BB guns. The UK is currently cracking down on kitchen knives – don’t think they with firearms. In the end, what they want is helpless slaves, where once they had free citizens. If that ever happens, then they’ll want more. It never stops until it is stopped.


Red Flag and Other Laws

The War on Guns (Link)

The Meaning of “Mass Shootings” Hysteria

Again, watch Virginia. Watch all the gun grabbers, this year and moving forward. I hate to be the one to write it, but the time may be coming soon when gun owners will have to decide whether to bear those arms against tyranny in addition to merely keeping them. 

I’ll leave the following “they” and “here” to your imagination as I leave you with this parting quote by Captain John Parker at Lexington Green, 1775, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

A note from (about) FP: It sure is good to be back in 2020! Let’s see what the future holds, shall we? And, thank you all for your continued patronage and support. Like you, we remain, Always Ready!

UPDATE: 01/30/20, PM:

Virginia’s anti-freedom bills are still moving through the General Assembly.

“Red Flag” and “universal” background checks moving forward, among others – seven in total. The GA is also pushing ahead with more infanticide. Moloch must be pleased with his servants. Stay tuned; this isn’t over.

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