What Preppers Should Know About Infiltrators

What Preppers Should Know About Infiltrators


Militias are the way to defend a free nation. The Founders were big on them and, as long as they were kept up, they worked. Now, despite being on the books in the US Code and all 50 States, they are essentially unused – officially. Unofficially, may patriotic groups keep up some semblance of the ancient forces.


The left hates “militias” despite having some of their own. The government, jealous and corrupt, is suspicious of any group of armed free men – kind of like a criminal’s response.


If you have one, you’re in one, or if your prepper group might resemble one, here are some tips for avoiding entrapment. This is really important if you engage in any organized prepper activities – militia/paramilitary in nature or not. Please watch:


Video by The Revolting Man/YouTube.


Picture by Action Minutemen.


Not doing anything stupid is sage advice. Beware of any outsider who comes in and want so to make radical changes or who proposes anything illegal or out of the way.


And keep in mind that infiltration can happen anytime, even while all else is “normal.” The risk would be dire during or after a SHTF scenario. It’s not just the feds to watch out for. Some groups to beware of:

Legacy Food Storage


The Feds;

State officials;

Local cops and pols;

Mole, lizard aliens at the center of the flat earth (or not…);


“Ordinary” criminals;

Big companies;

Rival groups;

“Normal” people (nice today, freeloading tomorrow).


Keep an eye out!

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