When All You Have is All You Have

When All You Have is All You Have


There’s the old psychology saying: “All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do it enough.” Catchy and true for the most part. For prepping we can extrapolate: “All you have is all you’re going to have – when SHTF.”


Thus, it is kind of important to have, now, all you think you’re going to need then. Ken Jorgustin discussed this critical concept at Modern Survival recently; please read his article.


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Ken has been discussing levels of preparedness. Learn a little more about what he’s talking about. And remember: “When the proverbial $hit hits the fan, what you have will be all there is.”


After the fact, you may be able to find or trade for additional supplies. But you should count on only having what you’ve stored up. Thus, it makes sense to have what you really expect you’ll need for the long haul.

Consider the following truths:

“– There will be no .gov assistance. They simply cannot and will not be able to provide at anywhere close to this magnitude. In fact under this hypothetical, there may be no effective .gov at all… Things will become very local / tribal.

– Economic collapse will have destroyed “the system”. All else dependent upon it will have crumbled too. That means pretty much everything.

– The Trucks will have stopped rolling like they are today. If you would like to know what that means, read my article titled “When The Trucks Stop It’s Over”. Suffice it to say, trucks carry nearly all goods that we depend upon for our survival.

Legacy Food Storage

– Products will not be pouring into our seaports from overseas like they are today, if at all. How much do we depend on overseas product? Lots (unfortunately).

– Social collapse…”


And more.

Your plans must factor into account all of the above, the unexpected, and the fact that more than a few folks may want to rob you of your goods. It’s a little disturbing. But it’s better to be disturbed now, and take corrective action, than to face disaster in a time of crisis.


Also, remember that food and water, after a disaster, are two of the most important things you will have (or need). Accordingly, please read THIS Article.


Ultimately, all you have is all you’ll have, all you can do really is all you can do. Therefore, make sure you’re really doing all you can, so you’re not short when it really counts.


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