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As part of our 2021-22 series on winter preparedness, here’s a blast from the past! It’s an alphabetical guide to fending off the ice and chills that we first linked to back in 2017. It might be too much to memorize but you can always come back to the list. Most of it is super simple too.

The A-Z of winter prepping was published by Mr. Ethan Safran of the Post Crescent (Wisconsin). Please read the original – especially if you live in the Appleton area. I don’t but I did once buy a used Range Rover from the area. And who better than a Wisconsinite to know how to beat winter!

Photo from article/video.

A – Z Winter Survival: Check out the VIDEO!

A: Appreciate

Don’t fret about the short days of winter. Don’t take the cool for granted. Enjoy it all.

B: Blizzard

Wind gusts over 35 mph with snow for at least three hours define a blizzard. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

C: Carbon monoxide

CO can afflict us at any time. However, winter, with the furnaces burning, brings an added risk. This is the silent killer. Get a detector and make sure you and your family are safe. CO deaths and sicknesses are preventable.

D: Drive 

Drive smart and careful to avoid sliding into a ditch. Give yourself extra time and distance to navigate snowy or icy roads. Use common sense out there.

E: Equipment

Whatever you do in the snow, use the right stuff. Go skiing, wear a helmet. Driving uphill in the snow, use chains. Check and make sure everything is working right.

F: Frostbite (important)

Dress accordingly and cover your skin. This will prevent injury from the freezing temperatures.

G: Gas Up

Keep the tank topped off to avoid delays and last-second runs to the station. Good advice any time of the year.

H: Hypothermia

Avoid the fatal or crippling effects of drastically low body temperature. Wear the right clothes and pay attention to warning signs: shivering, exhaustion, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech and drowsiness.

I: Ice

Watch your driving and watch your step. Sometimes you cannot see the ice until it’s almost too late. Be careful.

J: Jackets

Jackets, coats, hats, boots, long underwear, and gloves: whatever it takes to stay warm inside of out. Remember to layer wisely so you don’t overheat when the cold is on.

K: Kits

Preppers no a thing or two about survival kits. Have one for winter. Carry everything you’ll need if you get caught out in the cold.

L: Ladysmith

Ladysmith is a town in Wisconsin. They hit minus 32 last year. Odds are, wherever you are, it won’t be that bad. Be grateful…

M: “Move Over Law” 

Legacy Food Storage

Most states have these now even if most drivers don’t appreciate them. Keep it in the right lane unless you are passing or turning left. Use some courtesy and common sense. Regard this rule in every season.

N: National Weather Service

These pros constantly monitor the weather conditions. They report to news outlets. Pay attention to the information.

O: Overexertion

Pay attention to your body. Doing too much can put a strain on your heart and your body. Rest, relax, and take breaks. Literally, do not kill yourself.

P: Pets – don’t forget them!

Unless you have a polar bear, your pet feels the negative effects of the cold much the way you do. Help them survive. If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for them. Bring them inside!

Q: Quit whining

Always good advice.

R: Record low temps

They happen in every location. Wisconsin’s are a little more extreme than Florida’s. Pay attention.

S: Shortest Day

December 21st is past us now. Each day we will get a little more sunshine!

T: Tires

Monitor both tire tread condition and pressure. Properly functioning tires are critical for safe winter driving. When in doubt, see a professional.


A local news plug. I thank them for all this sage advice!

V: Vortex, Polar

This is not science fiction. It’s when arctic air dips into the lower 48. That means extra cold.Pay attention!

W: Wind chill

The wind can make the cold feel even colder. Take that into account when going out. 32 degrees with a 20 MPH wind feels more like 0. Take precautions.

X: Xerosis

This is dry skin. The cold will dry out and crack skin. Use some lotion. Take care of yourself.

Y: Youth

Use them wisely. Employ younger people to clean the snow off the driveway. And let them do other chores outside. Youth is wasted on the young. Don’t you waste the opportunity to steal some back. Then let them build a snowman.

Z: Zzzzzz

Snowed in? Get some sleep!

A, B, C…

Winter is really a great time. Barring extreme storms and extra cold nights, it’s pretty enjoyable. Use these great tips to prepare. You can make it through til spring!

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