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write for Freedom PrepperHave something to teach the world? While our tutorials and articles are written by myself and other guest contributors, I want to see quick tips – both written and recorded – published here on Freedom Prepper by members just like you!

Quick tips or how to videos must be exclusive to Freedom Prepper, and not published elsewhere on the web.

We also accept product reviews on survival gear, books, and television shows.


Read on for the details!


Submitting Content to Freedom Prepper

Prior to submitting content we recommend that you read the entire instructions on this page. Be sure to review the sections on Plagiarism and Crediting Sources, as well as, Freedom Prepper Author/Artist Agreement. Also, review examples of prior content published on our site. Search for the topic you’re writing on to see how your idea would fit on Freedom Prepper, and find out if it’s something we have already covered. Of course we’re looking for new ideas, workflows, and techniques.

We publish multiple content types on Freedom Prepper, currently: Quick Tips. Each content type has submission instructions, be sure to read the relevant sections thoroughly.


Pitch your content to us:

You can send in a short paragraph concept pitch for review, prior to submitting your final content. You can do this using the following form:


[email protected]


Submit Complete Content:

Once you’ve finalized your work, completed content can be submitted via email to


[email protected]


About Publishing on Freedom Prepper

Freedom Prepper is a well-established community with a focus on up to date survival related news, tips, tricks, and reviews to help people learn new techniques, and practical know-how that will help them become prepared to survive no matter what happens. If you have some helpful knowledge you would like to share, then we’d like to talk with you.


Working With You

We have a strong belief at Freedom Prepper that everyone has unique ideas to share and techniques they come across as they work and experiment. We’d love to hear your ideas and look forward to potentially working with you.



Contributing to online publications is a great way to raise your profile online. When we publish your content, your author profile will be listed with the content. When submitting your final content please include a short paragraph for your profile, along with your email and website addresses.


What to Teach?

Topics we cover in our tutorials can be found by browsing through Freedom Prepper and range from practical everyday money saving tips to survival after the apocalypse.

Any subject that touches survival is potentially something we would cover on the site.


Your Content Must Fulfill the Following Criteria

  1. You must send in your already completed content for us to review for acceptance. Please note not every tutorial/content will be accepted. You can also pitch your concept to get feedback from us, prior to submitting the full content.
  2. Your content must be your original work and not published elsewhere.
  3. You will need to format your content as per the format described in the corresponding content type section below.
  4. Your content may be edited prior to publishing.


Content Types

Review information on the types of content we accept for submission and publish on a regular basis for Freedom Prepper.


Quick Tip: Short Written Tutorials

Written Quick Tips are short (500 word) tutorials on how to do something simple, quick, but useful.


How to Format Your Written Quick Tip for Submission

Your tutorial must come with:

  • A 620 x 350 featured image
  • Images in the Quick Tip should be no more than 620px wide.
  • A word document  or text file  of your article
  • When emailing your tutorial place the video file, document file, and all images in the same email before sending.
  • Unique images are preferred but if you’ve used images that were not taken by you, in your source material, please read the section on Photography and Source Images in the Plagiarism and Crediting Sources section below.


Quick Tip: Videos

Video Quick Tips are 3-5 minute videos on how to do something simple, quick, but useful.


How to Format Your Video Quick Tip for Submission

Please review the suggestions in the Written Quick Tips section, as many of the same issues apply to video tutorials. Also, ensure that you adhere to the following rules when recording and submitting your video tutorial:

  1. Video length must be 3-5 minutes or more.
  2. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the tutorial and say you are making this tutorial exclusively for Freedom Prepper.
  3. Submit an MP4 or MOV format of the final video.
  4. You must include a description of your tutorial.
  5. If the video file is 100 MB or more, then please use an alternative way to send it. Common options are YouSendIt and Dropbox.
  6. Audio quality must be good and narration must be clear and well thought-out.


Important Information

Read and understand this important information prior to sending final content for the Freedom Prepper editing team to review for publication.


Plagiarism and Crediting Sources

There are a few issues to be wary of when writing tutorials and putting together content.


Credit All Sources and Use Common Sense


Always credit your sources. When you credit your sources, it’s clear that you aren’t trying to hide something. For tutorial submissions it also lets our editors check that the tutorial is acceptable.


Use common sense and err to the side of caution. There are no hard and fast rules about copyright. Beware of “rules” like ‘copying 40% is OK’, there’s no such thing. And remember that even aside from exact words or images, it can be the idea or principle. If you think something might not be OK, then trust your gut and don’t do it.

Please include links to the source of any images you have used in your tutorial wherever it has been used. If you do not include your image sources your tutorial will not be accepted, because we need to verify that the file is OK.

Thank you for taking the time to make sure the photos are OK, it helps protect the site, the photographer and yourself!


Freedom Prepper Author/Artist Agreement

If Your Tutorial or Content is Accepted

  • The author can use tutorial/content graphics in any commercial or non-commercial work, except in an online tutorial, and source files and artwork cannot be resold or redistributed elsewhere.
  • You grant a license to readers to use the knowledge and demonstrated effects shown in the tutorial/content in their own projects without reference to yourself or Freedom Prepper. They may not reproduce the tutorial itself, but they can use the techniques you teach.
  • You grant a license to Freedom Prepper to be the exclusive publisher of the tutorial/content online. You may republish extracts online – for example on your own site – however the tutorial in its entirety should not appear elsewhere. You may also republish the tutorial offline in any way you wish – e.g. sell it to a magazine, submit it to a book. However, source files and artwork may not be redistributed elsewhere.
  • You consent to the full tutorial, content, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in other Freedom Prepper sites, products and services.

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1 Comment

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