You Have 4 Choices when Civil War Starts

You Have 4 Choices when Civil War Starts

Civil. War.

Okay, take a seat: this one is extremely important. 

If you haven’t noticed already, things in the West, particularly in the United States, have taken a few turns for the alarmingly worse lately. Some of us, your humble author included, have been speaking to the ultimate possibilities for years. We were, I was dead serious. Now, even the mainstream media and the clown classes are waking up to our new reality.

There is a distinct chance, and I’ll call it greater-than-not, of a civil war in the US. Arguably, it has already started; it just hasn’t yet become “hot” or fully involved. 

How serious will it get? We do not know. Nor do we know what the shape of the thing will be. Let’s just assume it will be some shade of BAD. And, whatever comes, it will not look like the tragedy of the 1860s.

There’s much to do. Thus, we’re running a short series on preparing for major unrest, riots, and worse. Today’s installment is a breakdown advice video from City Prepping. Pay close attention.

Your Four Choices

(Pics are taken from CP video).

This pictured protest does indeed look peaceful. However, we know that these events usually devolve once the sun sets: the legitimate protesters leave and another element appears.

We have too many problems, though most were self-inflicted. The government and its empire is crumbling rapidly. The economy is falling apart. Social issues, new and old, simmer and boil. We have rampant injustice, and not only of the kind babbled about by SJWs. We have a near-complete collapse of the legal system. We have decades of demographic reality crashing into us. We have insurmountable geopolitical troubles. We have surplus fake emergencies masking the real ones. We are a changed and degraded population besieged by the literal forces of hell. We are Balkanizing. We also still have a world of outside problems pressing in.

Imagine this getting much worse, much more heavily armed, and more widespread. Don’t just imagine – ACT!


It is easier, and generally wiser to bug in than out. This means riding out the storm in a place of relative safety and security. You need to get your house or other places of shelter in order today, not tomorrow. If I had to guess at a “start” date for serious mayhem, then I’d take the evening of the coming November election.

Get the basics together now. Again, these things have a history of not remaining all that peaceful.

Not to gainsay the video, but don’t plan for weeks or months – plan for years or decades. This storm won’t pass easily or timely.

Two: Be Ready to BUG OUT!

If you can safely endure the chaos at home, then do so. If not, then you need an actionable plan for escaping. This, as you already know, requires advanced planning. You have to have a place to go and a means of getting there.

You can or should assume that many routes will be blocked off. Also, assume that your way will be hindered by danger. Have a backup to the backup for everything.

All of this requires planning, coordination, trusting the gut, and strict observance of what’s happening around you along with what’s coming.

Legacy Food Storage

Three: How (When) To FIGHT

I notice that most of the scenes from the video are of existing riots. That’s bad enough, but we could likely head into outright military engagements – war. Now would be the time to brush up on 4GW, Sun Tzu, and the link I have below. You must know yourself and your enemy.

Sometimes the best course of action is doing nothing. Sometimes it’s open engagement. Other times, like it or not, you may have to go the guerilla route. 

This picture is more like it:

Imagine tanks. How would you respond? Imagine heavy airstrikes. Your response? Now, it’s not as bad as you might think; tomorrow, it could be worse than you can imagine.

Four: Assume You’ll Be CAUGHT IN IT

No, this is not, or won’t be a game.

In the end, you may not have many choices to make, those being made for you by circumstance. In that case, adaptability is your best friend. Faith will go a long way in any case. 

There, under each of these headings, is a wealth of tactics and considerations you need to see immediately. Get started.

Watch the Video:

City Prepping/YouTube.

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And, of course, their Website is a treasure trove of information, ideas, and needful resources. Consider bookmarking that one! And check back in here, soon, for more on the budding conflicts, winter weather preps, and all other matters of survival and freedom dear.

Need more right now? Here’s a column I wrote last week: History Repeats. Note the link to Machiavelli. The History of Florence

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