Zuck on the ‘Hot’ Seat

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified yesterday (and not under oath) before a panel of US Senate criminals and morons. It was some of the most fascinating television I have seen in years. What I saw was a social media corporatist colluding with massive government facists to wreak the internet. Call it what you will. Facebook, and all giant companies, is a-okay with government regulation, which actually shields their monopoly position and makes competition and free choice very difficult.

All in the name of protecting you, of course – from a free and voluntary service which we all know sells us out to make a profit. FB does not put a gun to anyone’s head with its platform, terms of service or anything else – unlike the federal government with its regulations. So much was said yesterday, it’s hard to tackle. The free market, free speech, and common sense were proudly thrown under the bus. One thing everyone seemed to relish was the thought of controlled content. Zuck revealed his plans for an AI system to combat “hate” speech. This is a concept I hate…

If FB is “bad,” what can we say of the Empire? Users beware!




Picture by Wash. Ex.

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