Best Guns to Defend Yourself During a Riot

Best Guns to Defend Yourself During a Riot

Prepper friends, things are heating up – in a year that is already hot enough. If you’ve been in a cave or on an island or something, then welcome to the fall of 2020. For over four months, we have been treated to nearly constant riots in cities across the country. The reasons really don’t matter. These things are deadly serious and to be avoided at almost all costs. Yet, there may be a chance that you find yourself in the middle of an urban war zone. If so, try to get out as fast as possible.

Our Last Video Segment addressed Surviving a Civil War.

This article is about a lower level, but one that is still dangerous – and more prevalent.

Unfortunately, if predictably, we’ve reached the sad point where the left (and, this is a leftist problem) is more than willing to kill and maim anyone in their way. That means you need the ready ability to defend yourself. Today, that means firearms. 

The incredible Armed Defender Videos on YouTube made a short rundown of the best weapons for this terrible job. You need to pay close attention.

Pics from ADV video.


And, right away, let us dispense with this “peaceful protest” bullshit. Everyone with a pulse knows what’s going on. This isn’t the redress of grievances; this is a low-level civil war. Wars are fought with weapons. Right now, praise God, we’re only talking small arms.

In this article, we assume that everyone knows and follows the basics of firearms usage as well as civil law. You need to think about all of the areas ADV covers – capacity, power, etc. 

Upfront, the video discusses “staying away” along with the difficulty posed by the spill-over into our areas by the violence of the moronic masses. 

Let’s talk about coping options in detail:

AR Pistol

You know this option. The one shown is a 7.5 inch model from Bear Creek, accessorized nicely but not obsessively. Its compact design allows for ease of use as needed in close quarters situations like those present on our city streets. You know the available calibers, bullet counts, and so forth. 

We also know, thanks again to Kyle Rittenhouse, that this weapon works. It’s a new day. The Texas Ranger strategy of shooting the leader to scatter a mob needs to be modified. We know that today it takes three hits to motivate the hooligans into retreat. That will probably change, though the AR platform has the ability to deliver as needed. Also, know that the enemy is organized and serious. They have planned out the attacks and they do not hesitate to kill. Assume they will be shooting at you too.


It’s a Taurus G3, chambered in 9mm. We, or you, can quibble about the round all we (you) like. We’re ultimately talking about rifle work. The pistol is a backup for the primary weapon. 

The best handgun is the one you have and/or that works best for you. In our chosen circumstances, it will pay to go with higher capacity, ease of use, and reliability. Remember that you may be shooting with the 9, .45., or .357 only so you can get back to your AR (or AK) or to reload it or clear a jam.

Yes, all of this requires intimate familiarity with your weapon(s) and some advanced practice. Like all of your survival, it’s on you to prepare and be ready when the unpleasantry begins.


It’s not covered directly in this video – and they have others – a shotgun is also known as a “riot gun.” In an emergency, facing off against multiple attackers, buckshot goes A LONG way. Or, rather, it patterns up so well as to remove some of the aiming mechanics.

Legacy Food Storage

All of this assumes the worst. That is what you may be facing out there. Know as well that you will probably, like Kyle R., face prosecution by the same stupid government that did nothing to stop the riot that necessitated your actions.

As such, consider speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in firearms offenses and self-defense matters. Do that now, before you absolutely have to. When you shoot, you also shut up!

Now, please,

Watch the Video:

Armed Defender/YouTube.

The Armed Defender Channel has, as the name might suggest, copious intelligent video presentation of all things weaponry. About 60,000 smart people follow them. You might want to be the next subscriber. “Like” their work, learn and spread the good word. Polite, armed, or otherwise, society itself is under attack. We must be prepared to defend it in addition to ourselves.

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