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15 EDC Tools Every Prepper Must Have!

15 EDC Tools Every Prepper Must Have! It’s one second to midnight and IT has finally hit the fan. You know you have to move and move…

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Tie The Knot: CORDAGE

Tie The Knot: CORDAGE Prepper friends, we love you! Maybe not like that … unless you look like (or are) Gal Gadot.* But, no … this little…

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Prepare Today For Economic Collapse Tomorrow

Prepare Today For Economic Collapse Tomorrow In today’s outside video adventure, City Prepping tells us How to Survive an Economic Collapse. As this is a near-certainty in…

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14 Must Haves to Build the Ultimate Apocalypse Survival Kit

Civil unrest, a virus pandemic, a nuclear fallout- these are all real emergency situations. Are you prepared for any of these disastrous events? It does not hurt…

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How to Have Potable Water Anywhere

Water is an essential source of life for everyone, and we cannot live without it, even if we try. Unfortunately, drinking water is pretty scarce nowadays, and…

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How to Grow Your Own Organic Garden Even in Small Spaces

All of us at some time or another have wished to grow fruits and vegetables and eat those fresh homegrown foods as well. But if you live…

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