Home Skills Every Child Should Know

There may be a time where kids are asked to do something they haven’t learned yet in life. Today, we remedy that, with an extensive list of skills your kids should know before a survival situation is present.

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survival medical bag

Prepper’s Guide to Building a Medical Bag

A well-stocked medical bag is the best way to ensure that you have all the supplies you need in the event of a medical emergency. Whether you’re…

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after the SHTF

Where Should You Go when the SHTF?

With the threats of doomsday scenario looming large, it’s high time we began looking for the best and the safest places to move out to. We cannot…

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This is What Really to Expect for Survival.

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school in 2020

Preparing Kids for School in 2020 and Beyond

The world talks about the ongoing fury unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic. News stories are all about businesses getting shut, people going unemployed, and the mental impact…

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bug out bag items

Must Have Items for Your Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag is basically a survival kit that helps you survive in emergency situations. These bags are built to help you survive any kind of…

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