Perrin’s Take on the Christchurch Mosque Shooting

From the International Desk: The Christchurch Mosque Shooting

When I first heard of the incident at the Al Noor Mosque in New Zealand, my first thought was, “false flag.” The why has to be one or more of three things. One, gun control. Two, fomenting more war in the Middle East, most likely with Iran. Three, to rally more “refugees” into NZ and the West. Someone always wants more war. And, if they can excite Muslims into retaliation and then blame Iran for it, so much the better. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wants diversity in New Zealand. Period. (She also wants more sodomy, more abortion, and more socialism – go figure). The gun control was a given and is already playing out.

And, no Cletus, “false flag” does not equal “nothing happened.” There were real bullets, real people, and real blood. I know.
I watched the original 17-minute video. I will not link to it nor explain how to find it on the dark web. It’s out there. Most people probably should not partake, though they’ve likely seen far worse “entertainment” from Hellywood. However, I would suggest some of you should watch it. I give two and a half reasons why.
First, if you search for it on Google, you won’t find it. And, some of the first articles that come up are about why you shouldn’t watch it.


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