PREPPER POST NEWS – April 29, 2021 – Politics With Other Means

PREPPER POST NEWS – April 29, 2021 – Politics With Other Means


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Stupid is as the GOP Does

  • The retards in the republiCON party whine about the loss of “fiscal conservatism.” Boo freaking hoo. TheHill
  • Had the liars morons ever conserved anything, then there might be a chance for the economy. There isn’t; the thing is in a death spiral as the Fed admits. AP
  • Dropping bombs from drones! Yes. The commander of US CENTCOM is worried about that – in the Sandbox. These people are stupid – which is great for us. HomSecUS
  • Why Russia will win: impenetrable defenses and helluva outreach. Target: space. SUN
  • The USSA was doomed by people [SIC] like G.W. Mush, truly a horrible president and about what the Amerikans deserved. NakedCapitalism

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Of Mosquitos and Men

  • People in FLA are upset that the usual suspects are releasing a horde of GMO bugs, figuring there will be some human danger. At the same time, I bet most of these folks embrace “the jab.” DailyMail
  • The EU may require the JabPass to enter the EU – unless you’re an enemygrant invader, of course. RT
  • Slovakia is still standing proud. AnnB

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Paging Dr. Martel

20 retired French generals ring the alarm bell at last. They are way behind and way too nice and “conservative” but at least they’re doing something. The Hour is Grave. (ENG translation).  

Legacy Food Storage

L’heure est grave, la France est en péril, plusieurs dangers mortels la menacent. Nous qui, même à la retraite, restons des soldats de France, ne pouvons, dans les circonstances actuelles, demeurer indifférents au sort de notre beau pays.

Nos drapeaux tricolores ne sont pas simplement un morceau d’étoffe, ils symbolisent la tradition, à travers les âges, de ceux qui, quelles que soient leurs couleurs de peau ou leurs confessions, ont servi la France et ont donné leur vie pour elle. Sur ces drapeaux, nous trouvons en lettres d’or les mots « Honneur et Patrie ». Or, notre honneur aujourd’hui tient dans la dénonciation du délitement qui frappe notre patrie.”

Of course, these good men are already in trouble… RT

It’s coming. France is, demographically, where the USSA (then the USA) was 40-50 years ago. There’s great hope and the war will be shorter and less violent on the Old Continent. But, there will be war.

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