The Bug Out Toboggan for Winter Prepping

The Bug Out Toboggan for Winter Prepping

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Winter is a wonderful time of year. Cool weather, the Holidays, and maybe a little snow. For many, it provides a chance to slow down just a bit. It also brings its own challenges, especially for those attuned to preparedness. 

The one and only Jeremiah Johnson wrote out a winter bug-out plan at Ready Nutrition. If you live anywhere near a cold climate, you need to check it out. Here’s a preview:

Photo from NOAA video (below).

And, again, this article is about those times when you have to bug out – in the worst winter weather. And this all assumes one has the main preps all squared away, with the BOB ready to go. This is about how to “go” in the snow. And it assumes the worst, that the bugging out must be done essentially on foot in rough, snowy terrain.

Special winter considerations include:

Extreme cold gear, water and windproof (layered, of course)

Boots and other necessary gear;


For the real deal, in the snow, snowshoes are a must;

And the focus of our show is the bug out … toboggan!

Unless you want to carry all your gear on your back, it makes sense to move it via some conveyance. And what works better in the snow than a little sled? Nothing.

Plastic, modern toboggans may be purchased new for around $30. They’re big enough to hold your stuff or another person. And they’re light enough to draw through the woods. In an emergency, on a hill, they can be used for a speedy getaway.

*Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret and Special Forces Medic. Please read his original article for all the cold weather ideas. The main focus, toboggan aside, is to be prepared for whatever comes along. If you know snow is a possibility, then it makes sense to prepare for that specifically.


I suppose you can disregard this if you live in Hawaii. 

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