These Ten Tomahawks Will Chop Your Odds Of Survival Failure

These Ten Tomahawks Will Chop Your Odds Of Survival Failure

Preppers and Braves fans will both find this article useful!

The Tomahawk is an ancient weapon and tool. Yes, it’s essentially a lightweight combat hatchet, and yes, the concept was known far and wide beyond Native American tribes. However, we owe the cool name – cool enough to name a cruise missile after – to the Powhatan tribe of Virginia: thanks, guys!

And, many thanks to the great Survival Gear Channel on Youtube for putting together this hard-hitting and edgy compilation of some of the best Tomahawks available today. Down in the description, under the video, they give you links to Amazon for buying any of these sturdy models. And, in a crazy reversal of Perrin’s ancient trick of making you dig for the last item … they give you not ten, but ELEVEN Tomahawks to choose from! 

Let’s Start Chopping!

One: Hogue EX-T01

All pictures from Survival Gear video.

Designed by a RECON Marine, by God! And, it’s made with pride in the USA. Cut and chop with the blade and the toe. It can be used as a hammer and, with accessorization, as a pry bar. 

It’s lightweight, durable, shock-absorbing, sharp, and baked with a firearms-like finish. This model comes with a magnetic sheath for secure storage and ease of access. Clip the hard-case sheath to your belt or pack.

But, wait, look at the others before you rush to order…

Two: Kangee & Chogan T-Hawks

How about four sharpened edges, instead of just the front blade? At a spike on the rear head, and you have a formidable tool … or hand-to-hand weapon. These are single steel pieces, designed to work and to last.

Again, one will find multiple uses and a convenient carrying sheath. And … a lifetime warranty.

Three: Gerber Downrange

This slightly larger model has multiple uses. No accessories needed – it has a pry bar in the toe, with the steady-hand handle in the head. 

For what it’s worth, this one is made in Portland, Oregon – a town (now) with a reputation for … action.

Four: United Cutlery M48 Camp Hawk

This one has a medieval look to it. That’s not a spike on the back of the head, it’s a spear tip! With a shorter handle, and well-balanced, the M48 is ideal for throwing. 

Sharp (deadly) things come in smaller packages sometimes…

Five: 5.11 Operatr Axe

Go ahead: break through a windshield!

Another chucking axe, this one has it all in another smaller, lighter, rugged package. By the way, “Axe” can also be “Ax,” with no “e.” Note that 5.11 dropped the second “o” in Operatr to make room – name innovation to fit the tool. 

Six: Schrade SCAXE 4

Find survival, defensive, tactical, and rescue functionality in one super-cool tool. You’re going to love all that you can do with this slim, neat build.

Six? Let’s move this along…

Seven: CRKT Rune Tactical Axe

Compactical tactical. Wait, it gets better:

Eight: SOG Voodoo Mini

Our New Englanders just said, “Wicked awesome!” The Southern contingent agrees.

Nine: Schrade SCAXE2L

A more traditional-looking hacker, that’s not your grandfather’s hatchet! A perfect camp axe!

Ten: …

Yes … you’ll have to,

Watch The VIDEO:

Survival Gear/YT.

Again, down in the description under the video, there are links to order any of these tools. I checked and they are all very reasonably priced. For instance, the wicked cool Voodoo is a mere $40!

Remember to like and share the video. And, take a look at The Survival Gear Channel, where they have an endless video parade of gadgets for preppers and survivalists. Consider joining the more than 200,000 happy subscribers.

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