WINTER is Coming. So … It’s A Great All-Inclusive Winter Preps Checklist!

A Great All-Inclusive Winter Checklist

Yes, it’s a little (or a lot) cooler outside. Winter is coming back in just a few weeks. Here, again, is FP’s usual prepping-for-cold-and-white-stuff snow-a-thon. And, here to start it off, is a guiding video we first ran during our 2017 series!

You may have noticed that winter is soon to be upon us. Again. Heck, it kind of got off to a snowy start a few weeks early in some places. Wherever you are, another ice or snow event may be just around the corner. Fun will be had by all…

Well, it might actually be fun if you really are all prepped and ready for it. That’s where today’s video comes in. Please watch this incredible prepper lady go all out to get ready for winter.

Video by Prepper Potpourri/YouTube.

Yes, this is an omnibus winter video. With a real checklist! It’s really everything you need to be set for the storms.

Don’t overlook anything. Make sure your car, home, BOB, etc., are ready for the cold. That, or else you risk being left out in it. Again, fun by all…

Get ready now. 

This is the launch of FP’s annual winter preparedness campaign. We’ll have more, the best of the best from around the prepperverse here shortly. Stay tuned.

Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​salutes Prepper Potpourri! Check out her great YT CHANNEL!

WINTER is Coming … Again

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